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Letter Service Topics

The Letter Service module allows you to outsource letter printing. Letter Service is intended to help you automate the processing of large batches of Debtor notices and simple Debtor letters. For instance, you may have 10,000 First Notices to print. Letter Service can handle this easily!

Introduction To Letter Service
Getting acquainted with Letter Service in Collect!

How To Use Letter Service
The basics.

How To Setup Letter Service File Format - Ontario Format
The default output file format explained and demonstrated. This topic also describes the phases Collect! goes through when parsing data for outputting to Letter Service.

How To Setup Letter Service File Format - Not Ontario Format
An alternative output file format, CSV, explained and demonstrated.

How To Use Letter Templates
Examples of some letters that can be printed to the letter service provider.

NCOA Topics - National Change Of Address
Using the NCOA utility, the output file format, technical information.

Letter Service in Scheduler
This topic explains how to use the Task Scheduler to automatically process your daily letter batch for Letter Service.

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