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Auto Dialer Basics

The Auto Dialer is simply a tool to automate the dialing of a phone number so that the operator does not have to dial the number manually. This minimizes finger errors and greatly enhances the speed with which your phone operators connect to a number and begin your negotiation process.

If your users can dial a number from their workstations, connect and physically talk to a person, then you can take full advantage of having Collect! dial the number for you. A phone number field has a phone icon on the right end of the field. Simply select this icon and the operating system should begin the dialing process. Collect! uses TAPI 32. For communications control, use your TAPI (Telecommunications) configuration in the Windows Control Panel.

tip.gif Collect! can also communicate with the softphone of your choice, provided your O/S is configured already to handle the softphone communication protocol you specify. Please refer to Help topic, Softphone for further details.

Any Phone contact in a user's Work In Progress list, with an appropriate phone field description, will automatically begin the dialing process. At any time, the user will have access to a dialog to enter any phone number, or to pick from our Quickdial list of 10 of your most commonly used phone numbers.

Behind the scenes, Collect! passes numbers to your operating system, invoking its hardware or software to complete the dialing operation. If you can dial a phone number from your workstation, without Collect! running, then Collect! will be able to use the Auto Dial feature easily and simply.

Auto Dialer Preferences form

Accessing Auto Dialer

The Auto Dialer Preferences form may be accessed in many ways. Providing you have access to the various menus and forms, you can use one of the following ways to get to the Auto Dialer Preferences form.

1. Using the menu bar at the top of Collect! select System to display the drop-down menu. Select Preferences from this menu and the System Setup form will appear. Select the button labeled Auto Dialer Setup to display the Auto Dialer Preferences form.

2. Or, you can also gain access to Auto Dialer Preferences form from the Main Menu. Select the System Administration button to display the System Administration form. Select the Setup and Configuration button to display the System Setup form. Select the Auto Dialer Setup button to bring up the Auto Dialer Preferences form.

3. Or, while on ANY form that has a phone number field with a small phone icon to the right edge of the field, simply select this icon to display the Dial Phone form. Select the Setup button on this form and the Auto Dialer Preferences form will appear.

4. Or, once you have signed into Collect!, from the top menu select Tools and a drop-down menu will display. Select the Dial A Number menu item and the Dial Phone form will appear. Select the Setup button on this form and the Auto Dialer Preferences form will appear.

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