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Credit Bureau Reporting Topics

The following is a list of Help topics that relate to reporting to credit bureaus using Collect!'s Credit Bureau Module.

How To Report Credit
Describes the credit reporting process and gives you tips for preparing to report to credit bureaus.

How To Setup Credit Bureau Reporting
Gets into the particulars of setting up Collect! to report credit.

How To Run A Credit Bureau Report
Steps you through running your first report.

How To Setup Batch Processing For Credit Bureau Reporting
Uses batch processing to prepare many debtors at once for reporting to bureaus.

How to Turn Off Credit Bureau Reporting
Steps through ways to switch off credit bureau reporting using batch processing.

Delete A Single Account From The Credit Bureau
Steps through the process of setting an account to be deleted from the credit bureau.

Report as Credit Grantor
Outlines some of the details that relate to reporting when you operate your agency as a credit grantor.

Collection Agency And Debt Collector Reporting
Details and requirements that apply to reporting as a Collection Agency or Debt Collector.

Credit Reporting Functional Description
To help you understand Credit reporting, this topic breaks it down into its constituent parts and looks at the basic conditions that apply. Then it describes how Collect! handles all the variations and gives you details for accurately reporting your accounts.

Metro 2 Format
Excerpts taken from the Metro 2 manual to show the actual layout of a CBR file. Collect! uses the 426 character format.

Metro Contact Description Codes
When you run your credit report, Collect! parses the Description field in the Debtor's Metro Contact and sends this information to the credit bureau. This topic shows you how to read the values stored in the Metro Contact Description field.

Historical CBR Reporting
Steps through the process of re-running a report for the credit bureau after they have failed a file that you sent them.

How To Synchronize Credit Bureau Reporting
Steps you through reporting to a new bureau for the first time with all your currently reporting accounts that you are currently reporting to other credit bureau(s).

How To Get Help With Credit Bureau Reporting
Outlines what we need to be able to help you if you have problems.

Credit Bureau Pulling
Introduction to requesting credit reports on your accounts using Collect! or a third party product.

How To Attach Credit Reports To Debtor Accounts
If you receive credit reports or other query results from external agencies, this document explains how to use an import routine to read the credit report file and load information into files attached to debtor accounts.

Disable CBR Tab
Setting access rights to No Access to disable the CBR tab for particular user levels.

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