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Setting Access Rights To Group Members

The Group Members form is accessed through the Group tab or the GROUP button on the Debtor screen. When this form is displayed, a subset of debtors is shown in the list. This view should be made Read Only for management personnel to prevent accidental deletion of records. This may occur if someone tries to ungroup debtors by pressing the DELETE key, as this not the way to ungroup debtors!

tip.gif Junior levels are already set to Read Only for this form by default and you probably do not need to set them unless you have customized your User Levels.

Make Group Members Read Only

1. Sign in using Exclusive mode at User Level 99 and open a Debtor who belongs to a group.

2. Select System, Layout and Languages, Form Properties from the top menu bar in Collect!. You should see management personnel listed in the Form Rights subform when the Access Rights screen pops up.

3. If any of the entries you see in this list are set to FULL access, they should all be set to READ ONLY. This will prevent accidental deletion of records from the database.

In addition to this, you should hide the EDIT GROUP and CONTACT PLAN buttons from your junior levels. If they select these buttons, they can view the whole Debtor list, edit Group Members, and run contact plans on groups.

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Hide Edit Group And Contact Plan Buttons

Setting the rights to NO ACCESS hides these buttons from your junior staff. This prevents unauthorized access to viewing accounts or running contact plans on group members.

1. Sign in using Exclusive mode at User Level 99 and select System, Rights, Access Rights form the top menu bar in Collect!.

2. Start typing 124009 as soon as the Access Rights list is displayed. The Access Rights list will scroll to the Edit Group item.

3. Select this to set the from rights for the EDIT GROUP button. You will have to create a new Form Rights entry for each one of your operators.

tip.gif Senior staff should be set to FULL access. Junior staff should be set to NO ACCESS.

4. When you are finished creating the Form Rights, return to the Access Rights list. You will see item 124011. This is the CONTACT PLAN button. Select this item and set the form rights for each of your operators for this item.

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