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Operator Level Rights

The Operator Level Rights form lets you modify access settings for a specific form, field or menu item for the User Level you are viewing. You can set the access level to Full, No Delete, Read Only or No Access. You can enter an alias for the item that will be displayed for this User Level.

Operator Level Rights form

tip.gif Please refer to Operator Level Rights Basics for steps to access this form.

tip.gif After making any changes, it is very important to rebuild rights. Sign in using Exclusive mode at user level 99 and select File, Maintenance, Rebuild Lists to update Collect! to recognize any changes you may have made. Please refer to the Help topic Rebuild Lists for more information.

tip.gif You must sign out of Collect! completely, returning to the Desktop, whenever you change to a different User Level, or some of the rights from the previous level that you were signed in as may still be in effect.


This field displays the name of the form, field or menu to which the User has access rights. Click on the field or the down arrow to open the list of all menu choices, forms and fields in Collect!

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If you want the name of the form, field or menu to read differently on the screen, you can type the new name here.

*** IMPORTANT *** Only use up to as many characters as are in the original name.

tip.gif If you want to use aliases for all User groups, ensure that you set up the aliases in the Access Rights list. Then make sure that all aliased fields are referenced in the group rights for User levels using those aliases.

See Also:

- Aliases

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Permissible User Functions

Select the access rights that you wish to allow to all operators assigned to this User Level.

Access Rights can include:

- Full
- No Delete
- Read Only
- No Access

tip.gif These settings have different effects depending on whether you are setting rights for a menu item, a form or a field. Please refer to Help topic Permissible User Functions for details.

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Press this button for help on the Operator Level Rights form and links to related topics.

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Select this button to ignore any changes you may have made and return to the previous form.

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Select this button to save any data you have entered and return to the previous form.


Selecting this button will take you back to another record.


Selecting this button will take you forward to another record.

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See Also

- Operator Level Rights Basics - Introduction/Accessing
- How To Set Field Or Form Properties

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