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Security And Aliases Topics

Introduction To Security And Collect!'s Interface
Acquaints you with the fundamentals.

Security And User Levels
Satisfying your basic Collect! security needs.

Operator Group
Enabling your Operators to load multiple WIP Lists while limiting the IDs they can choose from.

Password Settings
Strengthen your security with more control over who may access your system.

Account Access Control
Protect confidential information on a per account basis with restricted access settings.

Schedule If User Level
Schedule events in contact plans to trigger off the User Level of the Debtor's Operator.

Enabling Your Clients to Browse for Records
You can enable your clients to search for records in your database using Browse, Find By. With a few simple changes to access rights and operator security, they will be able to see all their own records, but all other records in your database will be restricted.

Modifying Collect! Forms And Fields
Introduces you to Collect!'s fully customizable forms and fields.

User Level
The User Level form and fields

How To Set Field Or Form Properties
Topics for setting aliases, permissions and other properties.

Changing A Field Label
Explains how to change the label that is displayed for an individual field when you open a form in Collect! Changing form titles is also covered.

Changing A Field To Read Only
Explains how to change the access rights on a field to Read Only. Changing a form to Read Only is also covered.

Moving a field.

Hiding a field.

Changing the display size of a field.
Setting a record for No Delete.

How To Modify or Create A Pick List
Adding a pick list to a field.

How To Use Pick Lists
Details for using pick lists effectively.

How To Use Control Files
Adding a control file to a form.

Adding a control file to a field.

Rebuild Lists
Rebuilding the list of access rights for all forms and fields.

How To Copy User Levels
Copying a user level.

Creating a user level.

Deleting a user level.

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