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Prevent User From Deleting Contacts

This example shows how to set a User Level so that it is not able to delete contacts. This example will set the properties for one User Level using the Form Rights for the Contact form.

tip.gif Whenever making changes that may affect you system's operation, it is a good idea to have a recent backup of Collect!. Please refer to Database Snapshot for an easy backup and restore procedure.

1. After deciding which User Level you would like to change, sign into Collect! as a user at level 99.

2. From the top menu, select System and then select User Levels from the drop-down choices. This will open the list of user levels.

3. Make a copy of the User Level you want to change. Please refer to How To Copy User Levels for details.

tip.gif We will use this copy of the user level to test the No Delete settings. That way, your operators will not be affected by any changes made while you are experimenting.

4. Open one copy of the duplicate user levels. Change the User Level Code slightly. For example, if you copied User Level 60, type 61 into the field labeled Code on the User Level form. In the field labeled Description type in Testing No Delete.

Select the OK button to close the User Level form. Now you have a new User Level in your list. Select OK again to close the list of user levels.

5. Select Browse from the top menu bar and then select Contacts from the drop-down choices. The list of contacts is displayed. Select any contact in the list to open the Contact form.

6. When you are looking at the Contact form, select System from the top menu bar and then select Form Properties. The Access Rights form will open. Make sure the field labeled Name displays the value 03000:Contact. This is the ID of the Contact form.

7. Press F5 to activate the Form Rights subform. Press F3 or select the NEW button to open a new Form Rights form.

8. When the Form Rights form opens, select the down arrow next to the field labeled Rights and select No Delete from the pick list.

9. Select the down arrow next to the field labeled Level and select your new User Level from the User Level list.

10. Press F8 or select OK to close each form and save your changes.

11. When you are back at the Main Menu, select Tools from the top menu bar and then select Utilities. This will display a submenu. Select Rebuild Rights to register your changes with Collect!

12. Open one of your operators, or create a test one, and assign the new user level to the operator.

13. Sign out of Collect! and sign back in as the operator at the new level and open a debtor. Go into the list of contacts and see if the operator is able to delete one of the contacts.

14. If you are happy with the results, perform the same steps on the actual User Level and restore the test operator's settings to use the actual User Level.

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