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WIP List Topics

How To Use The WIP List
Explains what the WIP List is and steps for optimizing your work.

How To Setup The WIP List
Explains how to set up your operators to use the WIP List. Several settings are introduced.

Copy Operator Configuration
Describes how to set WIP Options and settings for all operators with the same User Level using a single process.

Operator Group
Enabling your Operators to load multiple WIP Lists while limiting the IDs they can choose from.

Set Timezone
Explains how to automatically set the Timezone for all of your debtors. This setup updates the Timezone field whenever new debtors are entered into your system and whenever the Debtor's phone number is modified.

Managing Work Queue By Timezone
Explains how to load your WIP List by timezone if you work accounts in several timezones.

Shared WIP List / Pool Desks
Explains how to use Shared WIP / Pool desks when you want a team of operators to simultaneously work accounts on a large inventory volume queue.

Auto Dialer Basics
Introduces you to the Auto Dialer feature that automates phone dialing through Collect!.

How To Auto Dial
Explains using the Auto Dialer feature in Collect! and briefly covers dialer systems.

How To Setup Auto Dialer
Describes how to connect to your computer's auto dialer feature and to ensure that it is enabled for use in Collect!.

How To Use Predictive Dialer
Explains using a predictive dialer with Collect!.

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