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Phone Dialing

The Auto Dialer can be controlled by pulling down the Tools menu and choosing Dial a Number, or by double-clicking or pressing F2 on a phone number field.

When the dialer starts, it picks up the phone line, waits a moment to get a dial tone, and then dials the number you chose. Pick up your handset to gain control of the phone line.

If you want to hang up without picking up your handset, double-click on the phone number field again, or select Tools from the top menu bar and then select Hang Up Phone.

Phone number fields are indicated with a small up arrow at the end of the field.

tip.gif For speaker phone modems you must set the modem settings in the Auto Dialer Setup.

tip.gif To set Auto Dialer options, select SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION from the Main Menu and then select SETUP AND CONFIGURATION to open the System Setup menu. Select the AUTO DIALER SETUP button to open the Auto Dialer Preferences form.

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