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The Collect! Member Resource Center is there when you need assistance 24/7/365. Online Help and the access to the technical Support Ticket system are always open. Our technicians are on 3 continents to better serve world-wide needs in any timezone.
“ Collect! Just hums along and works for us. I'm very happy with it. ” Linda R.

Starting Right

We want to make sure that your experience with Collect! is positive and productive. Our Client Support team has many resources available to you when starting out with the Collect! Software System. This "Starting Right" document serves as an index for your success. May we suggest you bookmark this page!

Setup Checklist

This checklist leads you through software setup tasks one step at a time. Following this checklist will help you set up Collect! so that it meets your specific business needs. View the Setup Checklist

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Online Documentation

Collect! has the best documentation in the credit and collections industry. We pride ourselves on continually evolving our documentation online so that our users can learn about the latest Collect! capabilities. There are several areas of special interest in our product documentation that will be of interest to a Collect! user:

The Quick User's Guide
The free Quick User's Guide (32 pages, HTML format) is a convenient way to become familiar with all the basic functions and features available in the Collect! Software System. Areas covered include installation, opening a database, entering new clients and debtors, client payments, creating Contact Plans, working plans, and printing and reporting. Note that this is an appended version of the comprehensive Collect User's Guide (182 page PDF), available only for Collect! Members.

Alphabetical Help Index
This is the complete Help Files for Collect!, and is composed of an alphabetical index of the entire set of help documentation. It is often the fastest way to find specific information about the product. This is another resource that you are advised to bookmark for future reference.

"How To" Help Articles
These "How To" articles provide short step-by-step walkthroughs through common configuration and workflow processes you will experience in Collect!. Take a look here if there is a specific issue you want to address, and use the Search functionality on the upper right-hand corner of the screen to query with a particular term.

Keyboard Shortcut Tips
You are likely familiar with common shortcuts and hotkeys in the Windows computing environment, used to improve data-entry productivity and accuracy by avoiding use of the mouse. As you become familiar with Collect!, you will want to discover the productivity-enhancing shortcuts and hotkeys that we have built into the product. This Keyboard Tips document lists all the combinations and shortcut keys that can be used to increase operator productivity.

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Collect! Online Ticket System

Our Member Services team records all incoming client requests into the online support ticket system, allowing our clients to go online and view the status of in-progress tickets, review old tickets and respones, and submit new tickets to our Member Services team for review. Please be aware that Collect! clients with an active Membership plan will be treated with top priority. Please see the online ticketing system for registration and to submit questions today.

Collect! Member Center

Available to our clients with active Membership packages, the online Collect! Member Center provides access to a wealth of resources that enable Collect! to provide the best value for your company. The following benefits are available to Members through the Member Center:

  • Post questions and receive answers in the Member Forums
  • Hours of Training Videos (here's some samples
  • Download Collect! software upgrades
  • Submit and track Client Support Tickets
  • Access to the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) libraries and our Partner Integrations.
  • Access to the comprehensive Report and Letter library
  • Download sample data import maps
  • Request training and realtime Go-To-Assist sessions
  • And much more!

Standard Membership in Collect! also provides significant other benefits:

We have posted an online Starting Right video that provides an overview of the Member Center and the advantages of purchasing a Membership for Collect!.

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