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Collect! User's Guide Pdf

The Collect! User's Guide in PDF format contains many helpful topics to get you started using Collect!. As you begin to take advantage of all Collect!'s features and benefits, this guide will continue to be a handy companion to assist you along the way. You can view this PDF at our Member Center web site or download your own copy. Freely distribute it to all your staff to speed their learning curve in Collect!.

View PDF Guide for Members Only.

tip.gif You may need to install the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to take full advantage of this PDF guide.

The Collect! User's Guide is similar to the Help Contents page. It is in PDF format for easy printing and distribution among your staff members.

Working in Collect!
There are sections here for your administrative staff, your operators and your managers.

A list of additional topics leads you into particular areas of the help documentation, depending on the processes you are attempting to perform.

The popular Report Writer Reference will help your report designers to quickly find the codes they need for creating and modifying reports in Collect!.

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