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How To Setup Company Details

This document shows you how to access the Company Details setup. It is very important to input your information into these fields as they are the storage site of where the system will go when needing to reproduce your company contact information for letters, reports, statements/checks and credit reporting. There is also additional information, such as Tax ID # entry that unless entered here, will create blanks on any documents which pool that field as source for that data.

Accessing Company Details

There are a few ways that you can access the Company Details setup screen.

When you first run Collect!, you are prompted to enter your company information. If you choose YES, the Company Details screen is displayed automatically for you. Enter your details at this time, or you can enter them later. You can also edit the information at any time.

1. Sign into Collect! with User Level 10 (OWN) so that you have access rights to edit the Company Details screen. When you have reached the Main Menu, which is the third screen from the initial login window, proceed to Step 2.

2. Your menu path is \System\Preferences\Company Details.


From the Main Menu, the path is starting with the buttons on the left side of the screen. Click \System Administration\Setup and Configuration\Company Details.

3. Fill in the fields with the information requested. It is necessary to complete this screen with everything asked unless it is a field you do not use on your company letterhead, such as cell phone.

tip.gif Make sure to use the City/State/Zip fields for these pieces of information rather than input them into the Address lines 2, 3 & 4. Those lines are not meant for this data and blanks will result on your reports if they are not populated.

Be sure to read the specific Help page for this topic to ensure all the fields in the screen and tabs are completed accurately.

4. Pay special attention to help about the Tax Rate and Multi Currency fields. Information that you enter here may be reflected on invoice/statements, and on any other reports or letters that show dollar amounts.

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On any occasion where you are looking at output from your system but your company information doesn't look complete or current, then there is something in your Company Details that was left blank or needs to be updated.

tip.gif For more information regarding initial setup of Collect!, refer to the Setup Checklist.

Setup Checklist

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