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Reconcile Credit Card History

The Reconcile Credit Card History function queries Billing Tree and downloads any credit card payments they have successfully processed which have not yet been applied in Collect! Running the Reconcile posts scheduled recurring credit card payments or chargebacks/declines from the previous day, or since your last reconcile date.

The reconcile also downloads any external payments which debtors may have made directly at the Credit Card Gateway and not through the module, if they used their Collect! file numbers as their account number when they set up the transaction.

When you run the Reconcile Credit Card History function, Collect! displays a summary screen to let you know what actions were taken. If payments cannot be matched, Collect! also saves all pertinent information to a file that you can use for manually processing payments that do not match your account information in the system.

It also writes a detailed log into the path "CV11\bin\BillingTree\CreditCard\usaepay.txt".

tip.gif Users of CV11.6.2.7 and higher who are also licensed for the Scheduler Module now have an enhanced automation with the addition of the Reconcile process being added to the Scheduler Task list of options. You may run this process offline and unattended. Contact us at for module pricing.

Refer to Credit Card Step by Step - Part 4 - Reconcile for a complete example of the process.

Per Session Logins

If you are using more than one Billing Tree login account to post your transactions, you must run a reconcile for EACH separate set of login credentials being used at your company. The Reconcile process only downloads transactions which were created under the login currently being used by the Operator running the process. If your collectors use a different login (i.e. because certain operators have payment ceilings they are restricted to by your choice of operations) then your Accounting/Admin/Data Entry operator who runs the Reconcile must remember to run the process daily for ALL logins in use at your company.

tip.gif Even if you have a Billing Tree login go into disuse, it is still necessary to Reconcile under the now unused login in case there were any Recurring Schedules set up under that login at some time in the past. Those payments will now download when due if there is no Reconcile launched under the login code that created the payment schedule.

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Declined Credit Card

If a credit card is reported as "Declined" when you reconcile credit card history, there is built-in functionality for automatically stopping a recurring payment schedule on the Collect! side.

If you switched ON "Declined recurring cancels plan" in the Credit Card Setup window, Collect! will:

  • mark your Promise as Stopped
  • change your Due Date in the ' Review Contact' (marking the end of the original terms to be the same as the delete date)
  • delete your remaining CC Notification letters scheduled

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