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Rebuild Rights

The list of access rights contains every field, menu item, form and button in Collect!. Whenever you make changes to access rights on a form or field level, it is necessary to rebuilt this list so that your changes will take effect.

Also, there are other times when it is necessary to rebuild this list:

To correct settings for operator levels.

This occurs when you upgrade your database. If you find that you cannot sign into Collect! using your former ID and Password after an upgrade, you will have to rebuild the list of access rights.

To correct access rights to forms or fields.

If you find that your operators cannot access a form or a field that they accessed formerly, rebuilding the list of access rights often sets things right again.

To correct some printing issues.

Sometimes a report or letter does not print correctly due to an access rights issue. In that case it is especially important to rebuild your Printable Information list as well as your Access Rights list. This is described below.

Each form, field and menu item is listed in the Access Rights table. For each item in the Access Rights list, you can assign Users who are allowed to access the form, menu or field, and you can determine if they can only read or read and write to the item. Please refer to help on Access Rights and How To Set Field Or Form Properties for information about assigning rights to users.

Collect! rebuilds this table automatically whenever it detects changes. It only needs to be rebuilt manually if you experience difficulties with User Access Rights as described above or if you make changes to rights for certain forms or fields.

If you choose to rebuild the table, you may have to reassign rights to some User levels, although the program takes great pains to leave your rights designations intact.

warning.gif WARNING: If you are using aliases, you must sign in as User Level 99 to rebuild this list or it will not be built correctly.

Rebuild Access Rights

1. Sign into Collect! as User Level 99.

2. Select System from the top menu bar and then select Rights, Access Rights.

3. Click the Rebuild button at the bottom of the screen.

4. Your Access Rights will be updated.

5. Sign out of Collect! completely and return to the Desktop. Then sign into Collect! at various User Levels to ensure that your access rights are working properly.

tip.gif You must sign out of Collect! completely, returning to the Desktop, whenever you change to a different User Level, or some of the rights from the previous level that you were signed in as may still be in effect.

After rebuilding the Access Rights list, rebuild your Printable Information list as well and your Import Definitions. These three lists relate to fields and forms in Collect! and they are related to each other. It is always a good idea to rebuild them all at once.

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Rebuild Import Field Definitions

1. Sign into Collect! as User Level 99.

2. Select File from the top menu bar and then select Import/Export.

3. Choose Update Definitions. (Choose 'Yes' if prompted)

4. Your Import Field Definitions will be updated.

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Rebuild Printable Information

1. Sign into Collect! as User Level 99.

2. Select Print from the top menu bar and then select Settings, Report and Printer Setup.

3. Choose Printable Information. The Printable Field list will display.

4. Click the Rebuild button at the bottom of the screen.

5. When Collect! rebuilds this list it will shut down to take effect.

6. Sign in again and your Printable Information is now updated.

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Whenever there is a problem with user access rights the first step should be to rebuild your lists as described above. This is most often all that is needed to correct the problem. Rebuilding the Printable Information list as well will correct many report issues.

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