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Import NCOA

The Import NCOA option allows you to import National Change Of Address information into your database from a Letter Service *.coa file.

tip.gif This requires that you have previously requested an NCOA Check in your Report Options when using Collect!'s Letter Service feature to outsource your letters. When you do this, Collect! attaches the Debtor [D] or Cosigner [C] identifier so that the Import NCOA feature can find the correct record to update. Please refer to Help topic, How to Use Letter Service for details.

When you select the Import NCOA option, the Open NCOA File dialog will display so that you may select the *.coa file you wish to import.

Select the OPEN button when you have highlighted the *.coa file or double-click on the filename. Collect! will read the NCOA file contents and attempt to update your Debtor records with the Change of Address information. A prompt will display a summary of updated accounts.

After the Import NCOA has run, any records that were updated will be tagged. You can use Edit, View Tags from the top menu bar to examine the records.

Please examine your accounts to make sure you are satisfied with the updated information.

tip.gif You can also schedule your NCOA updates through Collect!'s Scheduler.

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