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Troubleshooting License

The License Code issued to you should be accepted and you should be allowed to sign into Collect!. If you cannot enter your code or you receive error messages, please refer to the help below that applies to your situation.

Not At Welcome To Collect!

When you sign into Collect!, you may bypass Welcome To Collect! if the icon you are using has been modified with Command Line arguments. Right click your mouse on the Desktop icon you are using to sign into Collect!. This will display a side menu. Select Properties and view the Shortcut tab.

tip.gif Make note of the Target so that you can add the arguments again if you wish.

For now, delete any arguments after CV11.exe in the Target field. Select the OK button. You should now be able to enter Collect! and stop at the Welcome To Collect! screen.

Collect! Startup Properties

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Wrong Entry Date

One of the most common errors made when entering a new license code is caused by NOT entering the license code on the date that it was issued. These codes are DATE SENSITIVE. Therefore, they must be entered the day you receive the License Code. If you were not able to enter your license code on the day it was issued, you should be able to backdate your computer and enter your license successfully.

tip.gif Make sure you are signed out of Collect! when you do this.

Locate the small display of the current time in your computer taskbar. Double-click this to bring up the system's calendar. Backdate to the correct license date and select the button labeled Apply. Then follow the steps to enter your license. When you are at the Enter License prompt, make sure the date matches the date the license code was issued. After you have entered your license successfully, remember to put your computer's date back to the current date!

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Wrong System Date

Another reason the License Code will not be accepted is that your system date may not be up to date. If this is the case, simply reset your computer system internal clock in the same manner described for Wrong Entry Date and try to re-enter the license code given you.

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Not On Your Server

If you try to enter your license and you are not at your Server, you will see the prompt below.

Cannot Enter License from Workstation

You must go to the computer where you installed Collect! and enter your license from there.

To make sure you are in the correct location, using the menu bar at the top of Collect! select Help to display the drop-down menu. Select About from this menu and the About Collect! form will display. Confirm that the db path: displayed at the bottom of this form is the location of your active working database.

About Collect!


You can enter a license.

You cannot enter a license here. This is the Client install.

You cannot enter a license here. You are on a Workstation.

X:\bin\CV11.exe (X: is a mapped drive)
You cannot enter a license here. You are on a Workstation.

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Incorrect Entry

If your license is rejected due to an incorrect entry, you may receive the following error message.

Incorrect Entry message

Have you entered your code on the correct date? Check the System Date displayed in the upper right hand corner of Collect!'s screen. Is your License Code date identical to this date? If not, you cannot enter the code. Select OK to close the message. Please refer to Wrong Entry Date above to correct your Date.

Have you entered your code EXACTLY? Perhaps you mistyped a number or a character. Notice that zeros and O's look very similar. Also, I's are similar to 1's. Select OK to return to the License Information form where you can select Enter License and try again. Be very careful to enter your License Code exactly and proceed again through the steps outlined in How to Enter Your License.

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Incorrect Number Of Characters

If your license is rejected due to entering the wrong number of characters, you may receive the following error message.

Incorrect Number of Characters message

You have skipped numbers or characters when typing in your code. The code is 41 characters long. Select OK to return to the License Information form where you can select Enter License and try again. Be very careful to enter your License Code exactly and proceed again through the steps outlined in How to Enter Your License.

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License Required

If you are trying to access a feature in Collect! that you have not purchased, you may see the License Required help page. Please refer to Collect! Features for a list of all add-on modules and contact information for purchasing these features.

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Request License

If you receive the message that your license requires renewal, please refer to Help topic, Request License.

Request License message

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License Error Messages

Collect! will display any available information in the License Error dialog to help you narrow down the cause of the error.

At the bottom of the dialog you will see the current date as as determined by the machine running the RDS server, the issue date of the license and a status code.

*** Note: Please note this information and report it to Comtech when you request assistance with your license issue.

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If the solutions above do not resolve your license issue, please don't hesitate to call, fax or email Comtech Systems at the numbers listed below.

Email Sales .....

Voice ..... (250) 391-0466
Sales ..... (800) 661-6722
Fax ..... (250) 474-2622

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