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Want to learn more? View the Training Videos in the Collect! Member Resource Center to learn the inside tips on utilizing all that Collect! has to offer to optimize your company's efficiency.
“ Hosted Collect! has saved us time, money, and worry on IT. We no longer have to concern ourselves with keeping a server up and running, replacing aging hardware, managing database backups and facilitating remote access for management/offsite employees. Maintaining a stable internet connection is all that is needed to keep our agents connected and productive. ” John Y.

Using The Help System

Context Topics - Help System

These topics explain how to use available help resources most effectively to learn anything about Collect! more quickly.

Using Help
This topic explains all the ways that you can get help in Collect!.

Using Popup Help
There is an easy way to find out what a field, button or menu item is used for. Hold your mouse over any field, button, or menu item to view the blue popup help for that item.

How To Use The Help Menu
This topic explains the options available from this menu. These choices assist you in learning about Collect! and using it to your best advantage.

How To Use The Index For Help
The Index is a master index of all subjects in the Collect! knowledge base. You can pick a letter of the alphabet to see entries for each topic.

How To Use Hyperlinks In Help Pages
Collect! help pages are generated to contain live links to other related pages in the Help system.

Using How To Examples
Collect! ships with many "How To" help topics. These topics may be accessed in a number of ways. The easiest is to select Help from the top menu bar, and them select How To from the drop-down menu to display a list of all how to example topics.

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