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Company Details Basics

The Company Details form takes a few minutes to complete. You will rarely come back to this, unless some information about your company has changed.

The information stored in this form is automatically used by different functions of Collect! Letters or reports to clients can place the name and address information for you, in the letterhead. You need only change the information in Company Details and every report where you use the information is automatically updated - no need to edit every report!

Some of the information on the Company Details form is also used when creating client records. This speeds up data entry. For instance, tax rate information, client numbering, and some information used for statement generation are taken from this form.

This information is database specific. If you use multiple databases to sign into Collect!, you could have one company set up with its details, and in another database, you could have a different company set up with different details.

If you will be using the Credit Bureau Reporting module, please pay particular attention to fields that are noted in the help as "CBR FIELD:" Collect! places information from these fields into the data files generated to send to the bureaus. This means that you must use the fields specified for CBR use as stated in the Metro Specifications. Failure to use them for appropriately may result in failure when your data is processed by the credit bureau data centers.

Company Details form

Accessing Company Details

The Company Details form may be accessed in many ways. Providing you have access to the various menus and forms, you can use one of the following ways to get to the Company Details form.

1. Using the menu bar at the top of Collect! select System to display the drop-down menu. Select Company Details from this menu and the Company Details form will appear.

2. Or, using the menu bar at the top of Collect! select System to display the drop-down menu. Select Preferences from this menu and the System Setup menu will display. Select the Company Detail button to display the Company Details dialog.

3. Or, you can also gain access to Company Details from the Main Menu. Select the System Administration button to display the System Setup menu. Select the Company Details button to display the Company Details dialog.

tip.gif When the Company Details form is displayed you can press F1 for help on all the fields in this form.

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