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Areas To Note When Upgrading CV8 Or CV10

Upgrading introduces new functionality to your database. Several areas where you may notice changes are detailed below. The biggest point is to thoroughly test the functionality of your upgraded database before going live. During this testing phase, use your old version of Collect! to keep your business running smoothly.

Confirm that your Collect! system is free of any errors. If errors are found, email or phone Comtech Systems for assistance.

Upgrading All Versions Of CV8 Or CV10

These comments apply to Collect! Version 8.0.22 and newer, and all Collect! Version 10 databases. If you are running a build of Collect! that is earlier than this, please get in touch with Technical Services for assistance.

Major enhancements to Financials were introduced in versions CV8.2.2 and CV10.2.2. This affects interest-bearing accounts. As a result of the changes, you may find a few accounts with differences in Owing amounts after an upgrade, ONLY IF you are upgrading from versions PRIOR to CV8.2.2 OR CV10.2.2. Most changes will be trivial. In non-trivial changes, you may be advised to post an adjustment.

Please refer to Help topic, Upgrade Financial Changes for details about upgrades from versions of Collect! prior to versions CV8.2.2 OR CV10.2.2.

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Judgement Accounts

Collect! now allows only one 195 Judgement Interest transaction on a Judgement account. If you have posted several 195 interest transactions, only the most recent will be used for the interest calculations. To remedy this, it is necessary to change the Transaction Type of any additional judgement interest transactions posted after the Judgement Date.

It is necessary to use a different type because the 195 is a special reserved transaction type for the original Judgement Interest posted along with the Judgement Principal.

tip.gif You can download utility reports from the Collect! Technical Services to help you change the transaction type of any additional 195 transactions.

Download FindFix195 Reports

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Password Settings

The password system is now case-sensitive.You may get an "Invalid password' message if you are not entering the correct case for your password.

All Operators must have a valid Password. If the upgrade is not able to decipher the Operator's Password for any reason, for instance, if the Password is missing or is in asterisks, then the upgrade resets the password to lower case User ID and switches ON "Must change password next login."

tip.gif Any passwords that were changed by the upgrade will be noted in the "_upgradelog.txt" file located in the "bin\upgrade folder".

If an Operator cannot sign in with their old password, please check the upgradelog. The Operator should sign in with their User ID in lower case as the Password and they will be prompted to enter a new Password.

Prompt to Enter a new Password

tip.gif Selecting the CANCEL button will return you to the Welcome to Collect! screen.

All Operators with valid Passwords will have the same Password in the new upgraded Collect!. However, the password system is now case-sensitive.

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Areas To Test With Every Upgrade

Your upgrade should be tested thoroughly, especially in the following general areas, before proceeding to use your upgraded database.

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Reports And Letters

Collect! updates report codes during the upgrade, including address field codes, and creates the cosigner loop in letters requiring this.

Run test printouts on ALL the reports you used in your previous version of Collect! to confirm that they are still working properly and printing the way you expect.

It may be necessary to rebuild the Printable Information so that reports and letters pull information from the correct fields.

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Access Rights And Levels

You and your operators will see many new fields and forms in your new version. Sign in at various User Levels and confirm that they still function as before. You may want to tighten up access security rights to some of these new fields or forms.

tip.gif By default, Collect! restricts access to new forms and menu items so that only Owner and Administrator levels can access them (User Level 1, 10 and 99). There are some areas that cannot be set this way, such as sub-tabs and you will need to set them.

Please refer to Help topic, Making Changes to Access Rights for details.

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Contact Plans

Run all of the Contact Plans you were using in your previous version to make sure they function as they did before.

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Import Routines

If you used any import routines in your previous version, they will have to be carefully examined in the new version. Do a Quick Print with all details in your previous version and then use this printout to check your import specifications in the new version.

tip.gif In Collect!'s Application Log, in the UPGRADE category, you can find the list of import modifications naming fields no longer in Collect!.

Fields that no longer exist in the database, or that have been renamed, will appear as a blank line in your import map. This must be corrected before you use the import.

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Web Host

Many changes have been made to the Web Host. You may want to take advantage of the new Web Host. However, if you have your own customized pages, do not copy over them! Otherwise, you can copy the Demodb Web Host into your Masterdb if desired.

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Network Setup

There may be enhancements to Network Setup in the new version. Read the network setup documents. Have your technician make any necessary changes that may enhance your operation and run Collect! more efficiently.

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Help Documentation

Finally, you should review the new help documentation that comes with Collect!. There are many changes and advances that you need to be aware of. Press F1 anywhere in the system to get help on that particular area of Collect!. Hyperlinks in the Help pages will take you to related topics for further details.

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