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Change Your Password

The Change Your Password form enables you to easily update your Operator Password. To access this form, select System from the top menu bar and then select Change Password from the drop-down choices.

If your operator settings require that you update your password at certain times, you can use the Change Password option to enter a new password. Your new password you enter will take effect the next time you sign into Collect!.

Please make sure you remember your new password!


This is the Operator you are signed in as. This is the operator whose password you are about to change.

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This is the database you have opened. This is the database that will contain the new password.

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Old Password

This field is invisible. It holds the old password.

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New Password

Enter the new password that will be in effect the next time you sign into the database.

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Confirm New Password

Re-enter the new password exactly as you entered it in the New Password field.

Please remember your new password!

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