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Archive Accounts In Scheduler

The Archive Accounts task in the Scheduler enables you to archive volumes of inactive accounts automatically during off hours, according to criteria you set. You can tag clients, select a Closed Date range and even set a maximum time for the task to run so that it does not impede other scheduled processes.

When you archive accounts in the Scheduler, you can set all the criteria and let Collect! handle the details. If you have large volumes of old or inactive accounts, the maximum time can be set and you can complete this archiving task over several evenings or the weekend.

Collect! processes 100 accounts at a time, so large batches are handled efficiently within a limited time allotment.

tip.gif Archiving procedures will run more quickly if you run the process from the machine that your CV11 Server is running on. Faster if you use LOCAL protocol. You can speed up processes even more using EXCLUSIVE mode with LOCAL protocol. Please refer to Help topic, CV11 Server Options for details.

1. You can select Archive Accounts from the list of scheduler tasks to schedule an Archive task.

Archive Accounts Task in Scheduler

2. Select the CONFIGURE button to set the criteria for your archiving task. This will display the Archive Accounts form.

Archive Accounts form

3. You can specify a range of clients.

Client Range selected


3. Select the TAG CLIENTS button to select clients from the Client List.

When the Client List is displayed, you can select F6 to use search criteria, if needed. Press F8 when your tagged list is ready.

Clients Tagged for processing

When you tag clients, the TAG CLIENTS button will be yellow. You can select the button to see your tagged list. These are the clients who will be processed, even if you have values in the Client Range. Collect! will always use the tagged list instead.

tip.gif Best practices would be to remove the values in the range fields if you are not using them.

You can press the TAG CLIENTS button and select Edit, Clear Tags if you want to untag the clients.

4. You can select a "Max Time" in MINUTES if you want to limit the amount of time the Scheduler spends on this task.

tip.gif Configure the task to be performed daily to complete an Archiving process that cannot be completed in one evening.

Archive Accounts Task

5. Select OK to enter your archiving task into the Scheduler Task list.

Task Scheduler with Archive Accounts Task

6. When your archiving task runs in the Scheduler, Collect! displays a count of the actual records it is archiving.

Archive Accounts Task Running

tip.gif If you want your list of tasks to be saved and loaded whenever you start the Scheduler, you must select SAVE and also, select the SETTINGS button to make sure you are loading the SCH file that you want.

Please refer to Help topic, Scheduler Tasks for details

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Archiving in the Scheduler gives you the ability to manage your old or inactive accounts easily and efficiently. You set up a Scheduler task to Archive Accounts and configure it as needed. It can run once or at repeated intervals. You can also set a maximum time for the task so that the archive routine will only run for a specified amount of time. Several options are available for selecting the accounts that you want to process.

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