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Send Mail

This window allows you to send email from Collect!

When you send mail using Collect!, it will attempt to use your Windows default email settings. These can be configured through Microsoft Outlook Express. Before you begin, ensure that your Outlook Express is properly set up and that you are able to send mail using it.

If you have already configured your mail settings, you may send mail by entering the recipient's email address in the 'To' field, the subject in the 'Subject' field, and the message body in the message text box.

Additional recipients may be specified in the 'CC' (Carbon Copy) field, with individual address separated by semi-colons.

You can send an attachment by selecting the file selection button to the right of the attachment field. Pick the file you wish to send from the Select File dialog.


This field contains the email address of the recipient.

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Additional recipients can be entered into this field. Collect! will recognize a space, a comma or a semi-colon to separate each email address from the next one.

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The subject of the email should be entered into this field.

tip.gif Please be sure to enter a subject so that Collect! can process your email and email contacts correctly.

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A file attachment can be entered into this field. Click on the button to the right of this field and select the file from the Select File dialog.

tip.gif Multiple attachments can be entered. Select them from the Select File dialog. Notice that Collect! enters the complete path in the Attachments field.

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Enter the body of your email into this section. You can also paste text from another source into this area. Type as you would normally in your word processor.

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Clicking on this button sends the email.

tip.gif If you are sending email to a debtor from the Debtor form, then it will also post the email to your WIP list in the form of a done Contact, or, if you have already saved this email as a draft, it will mark the draft as done.

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Save Draft

If you are accessing the Send Mail form from the Debtor form, you may select the ' Save Draft' button to post the unfinished message to your WIP list as a contact.

The description of this contact will be the subject as you have entered it in the 'Subject' field, and the message text will be saved as an attachment. The CC and Attachment fields, however, will not be recorded. You will have to re-enter these if you wish to send attachments or send to carbon copy recipients.

tip.gif The 'Save Draft' and 'Load Draft' features are only available from the Debtor form.

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This button will close the Send Mail window. By selecting this button, you will lose your message if you have not already saved it as a draft using the 'Save Draft' button.

tip.gif The 'Save Draft' and 'Load Draft' features are only available from the Debtor form.

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Load Draft

If you composed your email from the Debtor form, selecting this button will bring up a list of the email drafts you have saved for this particular debtor. Selecting a draft will cause it to be loaded into the email window.

tip.gif You can achieve the same effect by opening the draft from your WIP list.

The 'Save Draft' and 'Load Draft' features are only available from the Debtor form.

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