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How To Get Help With Import/Export

This topic gives you very important step by step instructions for sending information to Member Services when you need help with your import/export routines.

What We Need To See

tip.gif Before your request or problem is addressed, Member Services will ask that you supply the following information. We cannot proceed until we have this information.

To help you, we need to see:

1. The version and build of your Collect! application.

What version of Collect! are you running? Please pull down the Help menu at the top right of the Collect! screen and choose ABOUT. You will see the VERSION and BUILD that you are running displayed at the top of the box About Collect!

2. The data file that you are attempting to import. This is the source file with the data you are trying to bring into Collect!.

3. If you are currently using the Import Routine in Collect!, then we need the impex files from the database that you are importing into. Each database has its own impex files, so please include the correct ones. For example, in a default installation of CV11, you would find the impex files in the following folder.

(000,001,002,003 and so on, are the extensions you may see)

All d00_impex files need to be zipped together and sent along with your email.

If you are using an alternate import library, loaded from the File menu, Import/Export, Select Library option, then you will find the impex files in the CV11\import folder. Each library has its own folder. The name of the folder matches what you see listed in the Select Library list of import maps.

Import Library Name in List

Import Folder Name in CV11/import Folder

All d00_impex files in the appropriate folder should be zipped together and sent along with your email.

4. Whatever information you have on the file that you are trying to import from. (This would be file format specifications and any other relevant information you have.)

5. Any information you can supply regarding problem areas, errors you are noticing when you run your import routine and results you are trying to get.

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Email Information And Files

Send an email to Member Services to initiate communication using the link below. Be sure to enter an appropriate description in the Email Subject or your request will be rejected.


Attach all relevant information to the email.

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Getting A Response

A support ticket will be created as a result of your email. Collect! Member Services will normally use this ticket to confirm receipt of your information and files and communicate with you. We will advise you when we have examined the data you supply to us and have determined the steps needed for you to remedy the situation.

Please allow a reasonable amount of time to handle your request. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible, so please refrain from phoning while we are looking into your information.

If the errors in your routine are easily determined and corrected - something that was missed or overlooked, for instance - we will direct you to make the changes you need. If your import routine requires reworking, we will inform you of the estimated costs involved before we proceed with changes.

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When Your Import Routine Is Ready

When your import routine is ready, we will send you a new set of impex files. To use this file, please refer to How To Use A Custom Import Routine.

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This procedure is the most efficient way to solve import/export problems. Member Services can often quickly determine what needs to be changed, when we see the impex files, the data file and the file format specifications. Often, we don't even need to have personal conversations with you. Please be sure that you are sending the impex files from the correct database and don't forget to include the other information listed above.

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