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How To Batch Process Accounts After Importing

This topic is a short description of an easy way to automatically process accounts after you have imported them.


- Import/Export module
- Experience using WIP ( Work In Progress) List
- Experience using contact plans and batch processing

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The procedure we will discuss is actually very simple. When you import your accounts, assign the accounts to an operator and schedule a review. Then you can open that operator's WIP List and run a batch process routine on the accounts.

The details of this procedure are up to you. You will decide how you want to process the new accounts

tip.gif Batch processes tax the system heavily - simulating the actions of one hundred users at a time! For fastest batch operations, use Exclusive mode. Network Timing and Database Cache settings can be adjusted in the rdmserver.ini to enhance performance in Shared mode.

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Assigning The Accounts To An Operator

There are several ways that you can assign accounts to an operator during the import routine.

1. Assign accounts to a Collector from the Import Menu form and Run a Contact Plan to schedule a review.

2. Pick an Operator ID in the Import Options form and Schedule a review. To open the Import Options form, select the button labeled Import Options on the File Format Specification form.

As of version CV11.6.2.9, a new switch was added to "Apply client settings". Check this switch if you want your preset values from the Client Setup and Advanced Client Settings screen to be passed a long to the debtor files as part of the import process. Example, Commission Rates, Tax Rates, Sales ID.

These are the two easiest ways to assign an operator and schedule a review, although they are not the only ways.

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Loading The WIP List

After you have completed your import successfully, you can load the WIP List for the assigned operator and all of your new accounts will be displayed.

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Batch Processing The WIP List

After you have loaded the WIP List, pull down the Tools menu and choose Batch Processing. Make a choice and select NEXT.

When the Select Accounts To Process form is displayed, choose 'Process your current WIP List' and press NEXT. You will be prompted to enter any necessary information that is required by the batch processing routine that you have chosen to run.

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