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How To Import From Different File Formats

You must know the format and name of the file you are importing.

tip.gif If you do not know the format, please check the Help index under File Format Specifications.

If you know the format of your file and have a working specification in Import, then do the following.


1. Start Import.

2. Open the Import Menu.

3. Press F2 to display the file format list.

4. Select the format that matches the file being imported.

5. Make sure the path and filename is correctly specified.

6. Set the options on the Import Menu. (such as Client, interest rate, etc.)

7. Click the Options button to set automatic contact scheduling options.

8. Click on the Import button to start importing.

Press any key to cancel the import at any time.

Choose the Options button to set detailed options for this import run. Choose the Quit button to exit the program.

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