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New Features

Welcome to Collect! Version 12.8. This latest version has several new features and functionality, as well as several optimizations and enhancements to existing features.

The full revision history is available to Members via the Member Center.

Display And Environment

Added ability to translate the forms and messages on a per operator and per language basis. Once a language file is translated, you can store it in the Collect\bin\language folder. On the Operator Detail form, you can specify the language in the picklist for the operator. When the operator signs in, Collect! will read the language file and display the forms and messages in that language. For more information, please refer to the Help topic How to Customize an Operator's Language for more information.

Added a ' Find Client' menu that will allow searching by clients.
Result List Format: <Database Result> - Client: <> (<>) Owned by Client Number: <@cl.obc>

Altered the results for the Debtor look up results to be consistent.
Result List Format: <Database Result> - Debtor: <> File: <> Client: <> (< gt;) Acct: <>

Added the Recent Debtor List to the Find Debtor Menu.

Enhanced Find By to include 2 new capabilities on the text fields:
1) Exact Match Searching (EX: '=john doe' will only return john doe, not a partial match like john doefall)

2) Client Filtering (EX: 'john doe->101' will only return john doe... from client 101 )

Added a switch to Options, Sounds, and Colors that allows users to filter out duplicate client/debtors from Find By results.

Added '/min' to the startup options to start Collect! minimized.

Added '/showgrid' to the startup options. When enabled, Collect! will render a grid over the window that is aligned to the internal cell width and height from which all fields are aligned. This is useful for customizing the screen with your own X and Y positions on fields.

Set the fixed font to be 'Consolas' instead of Courier. This applies to Flex Screen, the 'Batch assign accounts to operator' form where it displays the 'team' results, and the Report Writer.

Added the ability to search by Attachment Date 3.

Set the DOB and Dates 1 to 3 Find By searches to use Date fields instead of text boxes. The attachment dates will now allow for date range searching.

Updated Phone searching to now search the Phone tab.

Updated Phone and Address searching to now check the default attachment records for Alternate Address (skip tracing). The default classes are 5 and 11 (Skip and eBureau) and the default type is 6 (Alternate Address).

Added the ability to format the phone and SSN fields. This feature only works if the respective 'only numerics in field' switches are set on the Options, Sounds and Colors form.
Phone Masks: None
(###) ###-####
### ### ####
## #### ####
SSN Masks: None
### ## ####
### ### ###

Added note locking to the Collect! Companion Server. Users are now notified that a note blob is locked when attempting to edit a note that is being edited by another user.

Set the Quick Print and Merge Document items in the report list to use the same security parameters as the Print Menu items. For example, if the Print -> Quick Print menu item is set to No Access, then when you go to Print -> Reports and Letters, the Quick Print item at the top of the list will not display. The Same applied to Merge Documents.

Made the ' Send Database via FTP' functionality work with the Microsoft SQL databases.

Added the ability to send data to Comtech using WinSCP instead of Windows FTP.

Added a 'Post Dates' button to the Day Sheet record that will display the unposted post-dated transactions for the day.

Hid the history button on the record statistics window as this is now available via the Dashboard module.

Altered the find by and account matching lists to use columns instead of a single text line.

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Report Writer

Added a new @taglist function to the @SQL command. The function will insert a list of rowID's belonging to the given records in the tag list.

Added @PDF command to report writer that allows users to generate a PDF using HTML code. The resulting PDF is then attached to an email and sent to the destined debtor.

Added @WKOPTIONS command to the report writer. This command allows you to input the command line options for the @PDF program to alter how the PDF is created if you don't want to use the defaults.

Added the @DATETEXT command to the report writer. This command allows you to set the text for the date prompt boxes (EX: @da no total where ( @da.da = ?! ) MAX = 1).

Added the ability to output an array inside the new @PDF command.

Added the ability for Collect! to run Database Check and Snapshot via the Maintenance menu and scheduler.

Added the ability to CC Cosigners when emailing Debtors. Cosigners with no email address will be skipped. If 'Restrict to cosigner only' is enabled on the Report and Printer Setup form, Collect! will only email Class Cosigner.

Added a new writeback switch called 'required.' The value is either 0 (no) or 1 (yes) to set whether or not a field is required. This will allow users to determine field requirements based on criteria in a control file. SYNTAX: @SETxx.xx.required = 1

Added <a>, <l>, & <u> to the report writer, which will set the case of an alpha-numeric string to be first caps, lower case, and upper case respectively.

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Letter Service

Added the ability for the Letter Service module to process Client Letter Contacts.

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Added Attorney Fees and Court Costs to the Debtor's Financial Summary Totals form. When filled in, Collect! will create the respective 394 and 294 transactions. These types must exist in the system. The fields will then grey out after a value has been set.

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Account Matching

Added 'Match on Account Number' Account Matching Settings form. When enabled, Collect! will do a look up in the database to look for matches to account numbers typed in to the 'Acct' field on the Debtor form.

Enhanced group cascading to only update fields that have changed rather than all fields.

Changed the group member setup cascade flags to work both to/from. For example, if a Debtor has a cascade option unchecked then changes to the corresponding field will neither be cascaded from them to their other Group Members, nor will changes to said field on other Group Members cascade to the Debtor's fields with unchecked cascade options.

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Credit Bureau Reporting

The Terms field on the Interest Detail form is now visible for all interest types. For Non- Amortized interest, the term should be the number of months for Installment Loans and the number of years for Mortgages. This is pulled into the 'Terms Duration' portion of the Metro2 report for Credit Grantors.

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Contact Management

Added SMS to the Contact Type Picklist.

Added 'Auto reload WIP' checkbox to the WIP Options form. When enabled, Collect! will automatically check for new contacts every 5 minutes and added them to the bottom of the WIP list.

Added the Do not autodelete, No autocomplete, Create copy on repeat, and Log repeat to notes switches to the Schedule next contact form.

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Billing Tree

Added a field to the CC and ACH Setup forms called 'Run plan on recurring' where, when filled with a contact plan, Collect! will execute the plan after a recurring payment schedule has been created.

Added 2 switches to the EFT notices form called 'Use calendar days' where, when enabled, Collect! will use straight calendar days for the EFT notices instead of weekdays.

Added a prompt to the CC and ACH reconcile that will only appear if the last reconcile was more than 7 days ago to allow the user to cancel.

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TCN Broadcasting

Added a field to the TCN Schedule Calls form called "Don't verify duplicates numbers" that, when enabled, will not verify duplicate phone numbers from other campaigns in the last 24 hours.

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to How to Upgrade Collect! for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

Useful Note If you are upgrading from Version 11 or earlier, this is a major revision and considered a paid upgrade.

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Prior Releases

Version 12.7
Version 12.6
Version 12.5
Version 12.4
Version 12.3
Version 12.2
Version 12.1

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