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How To Setup Custom Invoice Numbering

Any Client may at some point ask you to include a custom Invoice # on their Statement/Invoices because their Payables Departments are large and do not payout unless they have an Invoice # to reference the payable towards. This is a feature which the system can look after for you, with a couple of preliminary steps to complete to activate the feature.

By default, Collect! uses the Invoice/Statement UID value, which is equivalent to the SQL Row ID in the database.


  • You need to be signed on with a user ID that has sufficient Access Rights to make these changes. If you are signed on with at least a Level 1 or Level 10, you will be able to make the system modifications to enable Invoice #s.
  • The Client requesting Invoice # needs to have Invoice history in your Invoices Client tab. You will activate the Invoice # feature on the last created Statement.

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Steps To Activate Invoice #

  1. Click Browse, then Clients and navigate to the Client making the request from the Client list and select it.
  2. Enter the Invoice tab and locate the last created Statement, highlight and click on it to select it. The Invoice/Statement window will open.
  3. Mouse into the field called Counter, Right click and select Properties This will bring up an Access Rights window for the field called "Counter".
  4. Check the box beside the Counter switch in the middle row just above the Form Rights title bar. This will activate the Counter to create a unique Invoice Number for this Client each time you run Generate Statements. Invoice #s are not consecutive. The system will produce what are unique #s for this Client but the numbers will not be sequential from one month to the next.
  5. This step is cosmetic and not required. If you'd like the Counter field to now be called "Inv #", input Inv # in the Alias Name while you've still got the Counter Access Rights window open. The next time you refresh the screen, this field will be relabeled Inv # instead of its default name of "Counter".
  6. Click OK in the lower right corner of the Counter Access Rights window to accept and save your changes.
  7. Back on the original invoice window, you now want to enter in a starting invoice number in that Counter field which the Statement Generator program will from now on refer to and create an output number that can be included on your Statements.
  8. You've now activated the Client to produce Invoice #s on a go forward basis, the next step is to modify your statement so that this new piece of information will get expressed on your Statements. First take note of whether the Client is Net, Gross or Combined as their remit type. This will determine which statement you will modify.
  9. For Example: If the Client is Net, the document to be modified is the Net version called "Statement". Click Print, then Customize Printing, then Edit Report Templates. Navigate to the sample "Statement" and highlight it.

  10. First make a copy of it as a backup. No irreparable harm can come to it if you retain an untouched copy before attempting an Edit. With the Statement document highlighted, either click Edit, then Copy, or Ctrl+C to copy. You will get a popup telling you '1 report was copied to the Clipboard'. Now either click Edit, then Paste, or Ctrl+V to paste. You now have two reports called Statement. Click into one of them and rename it to be "Statement_orig". Note that there are no spaces before or after the underscore. That is important as well to prevent Collect! from mistaking old copies of reports for current copies because the name IS the same to the software if there is a space between the last letter in Statement and the hyphen. Save and close by clicking OK in the lower right corner. Nothing else on this copy gets changed, just the name.
  11. Select and open the duplicate copy of Statement report. This is the one that will be modified. Locate the code "@is.ui" and replace it with "".
  12. To save and close, click OK in the lower right corner of the screen.

    Useful Note You have turned on the feature for 1 Client. This field will be blank on the Statement for all other Clients unless you activate them the same way by turning on the Counter field and inserting a starting counter number.

    Useful Note If you have another vision for where you'd like your Invoice # to appear on your Statement, contact Technical Services to discuss your customization options.

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