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New Features - 12-6

Welcome to Collect! Version 12.6. This latest version has several new features and functionality, as well as several optimizations and enhancements to existing features.

*** All users upgrading from CV or Lower need to test their IMPORT MAPS to ensure they work as expected on version 12.2.1 or higher. Please contact Comtech systems to review your import maps.

Day Sheets

Enhanced the Day Sheet record with new fields including debtor payment reversals.

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Report Writer

The Report Writer will now properly read the CBR tab if referenced in a report.

Added an @CBRDesc command that puts the metro codes into a variable matching the format of the Metro contact.

Warning Note WARNING: This is an advanced feature and should not be used without proper training.

Added the @PV command to the report writer which prints the picklist numerical value instead of the description value.

Added an @REPLACE command to the report writer that allows you to pass in a variable, the text to search for, and the text to replace with and Collect! will do a search and replace on the variable.

Added an @PROMPT command to the report writer that allows you to create a custom prompt with up to 10 buttons, where the selected button will be returned to a string variable.

Transactions are now recalculated after an @EDIT.

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Added the ability to import files into the web host.

Added the ability to import line feeds into the notes under the new schema. Simply place @x0A (case sensitive) in the default value, fill value, or data file being imported at the location you want the line feed to appear.

When importing to a field with 'Log to notes' enabled, Collect! will now log the change to notes.

Added a condition to the import module where if you check 'must be filled' on a field where you are using scanf, Collect! will now skip the data if scanf return no data.

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Display And Environment

Replaced the collect.cfg with collectcfg.ini.

Useful Note Passwords stored in this file are encrypted.

Added the ability to drag and drop files on to the Collect! window, while a debtor is open, and create attachments.

The upgrade and update processes will now log the start and stop to the Application Log.

Added a new command line argument to extract all images from contact Metafiles and store them in styles/metaref.

Expanded the Recent Debtor list to 25 debtors.

Added a prompt for SQL Username and Password if the fields are blank.

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Credit Bureau Reporting

Added a switch to the CBR settings called 'Optional SSN and date of birth' to accommodate non-US customers who are not affected by the recent legislative changes. When enabled, Collect will not check SSN and date of birth values to see if they are valid.

Warning Note WARNING: This is for non-US countries and should not be used by US customers; otherwise, their files may be rejected.

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Contact Management

Altered the behavior of 'Delete All Pending Contacts' on a contact plan with regard to promises. Old behavior was to not delete the promise at all. New behavior is to delete it or mark it as done depending on the repeat configuration.

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Auto Dialer

Added a 'Log to Notes' switch in the auto dialer preferences that will log calls to both client and debtors including cosigners.

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Upgrading To This Build

Please refer to How to Upgrade Collect! for details about upgrading your existing Collect! system to take advantage of the features and optimizations in this latest release.

Useful Note If you are upgrading from Version 11 or earlier, this is a major revision and considered a paid upgrade.

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Latest Features

Latest Features

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