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Predictive Dialer Topics

Call Center
Collect! works beautifully with predictive dialers.

Introduction To Predictive Dialer
Get acquainted with Predictive Dialers and Collect!.

How To Use Predictive Dialer
Outlines the basic predictive dialer process.

Dynamic Data Exchange
Gives details of the commands and settings to use for DDE connections.

Predictive Dialer Keyboard Interface
Using the keyboard to interface with a Predictive Dialer.

Web Predictive Dialer
Use Collect! to wait for HTTP requests sent to your VoIP and IP-PBX Predictive Dialing systems.

Creating A Call Campaign File
Creating a list of numbers to supply to the Predictive Dialer.

Importing A Completed Call Campaign
Importing information from the Predictive Dialer to update your accounts.

Predictive Dialer - Technical Specifications
Details the ways to manage linking to predictive dialer using Collect!

Predictive Dialer Testing
A utility to help you test your DDE connections.

This topic explains the basics of using a Softphone dialing system with Collect!.

Web Host Auto Dial
Set up a Web Dialer Operator and use your browser to wait for calls from a Predictive Dialer.

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