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Upgrading Your Collect! Version 11

This topic discusses upgrading Collect! Version 11 databases to the latest Collect! release, using the automated update patch procedure.

tip.gif These instructions are for all Collect! Version 11.2 and Version 11.3 databases. For versions CV11.0 and CV11.1, please refer to Help topic, Upgrading Your Collect! Version 11_0 or 11_1.

tip.gif If you are running Collect! Version 11.4, you can apply the latest Version 11.6 patch to your Collect! system. A full upgrade is not necessary. Please consult Technical Services if you are not sure what to do.

To download patches, please login to the Collect! Member Center and select the patch which is appropriate for your site and upgrade intent. If you are not currently a Member and would like to inquire about upgrading options, please contact us.

It is recommended that you have a recent backup of your Collect! system prior to any upgrade procedure.

tip.gif Please refer to Help topic, Preparing To Upgrade Your Database before upgrading.

Preparing Your Databases

Perform these steps on your Server!

1. Make sure you have user 99/99 and Exclusive for all steps.

2. Ensure that you have run a full internal maintenance on your databases, with all options selected as outlined in the Help topic, Preparing To Upgrade Your Database.

3. Examine and clean up all data, removing blank or unnecessary records in your Collect! databases and CV11 folder.

tip.gif The automated upgrade procedure copies all relevant files from your cv11 folder. If you have " copy of" of files and "copy of" folders in the cv11 folder, please move them to another folder for safe keeping prior to upgrading.

4. Ensure that your working Collect! folder is named simply "cv11" and that you do not have other folders named "cv11" on your computer. The automated upgrade looks only for a folder named simply "cv11."

tip.gif This folder MUST be on the root of your drive, for example, C:\cv11 or D:\cv11 and NOT C:\my documents\cv11

The upgrade procedure looks on every drive, starting with your C:\ drive. If it does not find a cv11 folder on the C:\drive, then it will look on other drives on your computer.

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Upgrading Large Databases

Collect! copies your entire cv11 contents to its upgrade folder prior to upgrading, excluding help, snapshots and backup folders. This process may take quite a while if you have a very large database. Please refer to Help topic, Custom Upgrade for Technicians for details.

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Performing The Upgrade

1. Make sure your cv11 Server is shut down. To ensure that no files are being held by the operating system, reboot your server.

2. Install the latest Collect! Version 11 Build 5 on your computer. By default, Collect! will install to a cv116 directory. New shortcuts on your desktop will be named "cv116," "cv116 Server" and so on, so that they do not conflict with your existing cv11 system.

3. Start Collect! Version 11 by selecting the icon named cv116. After you enter your Company Name, Collect! will prompt you when it sees that you have a cv11 folder on your computer.

Prompt to Begin Automated Upgrade

tip.gif If you do not see this prompt, please look in the "cv116\bin" folder and delete the "upgrade" folder. Then start Collect! again.

3. Select the CV11 button to begin the upgrade process. Collect! will proceed to copy and upgrade DATA, DEMO, PROS and any other databases you may have in your Collect! Version 11.2, or DATADB, DEMODB, PROSDB and any other databases you may have in your Collect! Version 11.3.

tip.gif Depending on the size of your prior cv11 folder, this step may take a long time. Be patient, Collect! is copying all of the files and folders from your Collect! Version 11.2 or Version 11.3. Alternatively, you can prepare the upgrade folder yourself, referring to Help topic, Custom Upgrade for Technicians.

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Migrate Utility

As the upgrade process proceeds, you will notice a lot of activity going on in the utility windows as Collect! copies and "migrates" your database. Migrating is a procedure whereby the Version 11.2 and Version 11.3 databases are "reprogrammed" to work with the new database engine. It is way faster that the "old" upgrading procedure and does not change any of your data.

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Completing The Upgrade

1. When the upgrade is finished, sign into DATADB to complete the upgrade. You MUST use a Level 99 operator!!! Then sign into each of the other databases as well so that Collect! can finish the upgrade on each database. You MUST use a Level 99 operator!!!

2. Input your new license into Collect! Version 11.

3. Rename your old Collect! "cv11" folder to cv11old and then rename the new cv116 folder to "cv11."

4. Ensure that all shortcuts point to the new cv11 install.

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User Ids And Passwords

User IDs and Passwords will be migrated to the new Collect! databases. If the upgrade cannot decipher an Operator's Password for any reason, for instance, if the Password is missing or is in asterisks, then the upgrade resets the password to lower case User ID and switches ON "Must change password next login."

tip.gif Any passwords that were changed by the upgrade will be noted in the "_upgradelog.txt" file located in the "bin\upgrade" sub-folder.

If an Operator cannot sign in with their old password, please check the upgrade log. The Operator should sign in with their User ID in lower case as the Password and they will be prompted to enter a new Password.

Prompt to Enter a new Password

tip.gif Selecting the CANCEL button will return you to the Welcome to Collect! screen.

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Ini Files

The upgrade does not transfer your connect.ini or your rdmserver.ini files, as these are not compatible with Version 11.6. If you had special settings in these files, you may need to add these settings to the new connect.ini and rdmserver.ini files.

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Web Host

Many changes have been made to the Web Host. You may want to take advantage of the new Web Host. However, if you have your own customized pages, do not copy over them! Otherwise, you can copy the Demodb Web Host into your Masterdb if desired.

If you have your own SSL Certificates, the upgrade will bring them over when it upgrades your Web Host.

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Technical Notes

During the automated upgrade procedure, Collect! copies your entire cv11 folder (except for snapshot, doc, export and backup folders) and performs the upgrade on this copy. Your original cv11 folder is left intact.

tip.gif Alternatively, you can place a copy of your Collect! into the upgrade folder as described in Help topic, Custom Upgrade for Technicians.

Collect! stores your original bin, catalog, syslog and config files in the new cv11\bin\upgrade folder. You can delete these, but please do not remove the folder or Collect! will prompt to upgrade again the next time you sign into Collect! at the Server. In other words, Collect! looks for an "upgrade" folder in the new cv11\bin folder. If it finds one, it hides the upgrade prompts.

During the upgrade, Collect! backs up the existing MASTERDB, DEMODB, and PROSDB folders into the cv11\_migback folder, along with the bin, catalog and other files. You can delete this folder. It contains the databases shipped by default with Collect!, not your data.

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The automated upgrade procedure copies all the relevant files and folders from Collect! Version 11.2 or Version 11.3 and upgrades all databases to Version 11.6. This process uses a very fast and efficient utility called the "migrate utility." The time it takes to upgrade is a mere fraction of the time it takes to do the manual upgrade procedures. Also the automated upgrade is less prone to user error, and involves very few steps.

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