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Select Number Of Records

To use this option under the Edit menu, you must first be on a Browse list of records. Scroll to where you want to begin tagging accounts, then click \ Edit\ Select Number of Records. This option allows you set a fixed upper limit on records to be included in the a tagged list, without your having to manually tag the accounts yourself.

The command starts tagging with the currently highlighted record in the list and stops when the upper limit you have designated has been reached.

When you tag records in a list, you can use the tagged list to print reports or letters where you have not inserted a contact event for the specific item. All the functions available in an unfiltered list are also available in tagged lists.

Example: If you choose Quick Print after creating a tagged list with a fixed number of records created by the "Select Number of Records" option, only those items now tagged as a result of the limit will be included in the output record lines.

tip.gif Always remember to Clear Tags and Clear Search Criteria when you are done with a tagged list so that you do not experience any interference with future processes and lists.

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