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Contact Plan Topics

Developing Collection Strategies
A must read for getting started.

Contact Plan Basics
Introduction and accessing tips.

Contacts Versus Contact Plans
A Quick Tour to understanding the difference between contacts and contact plans.

Contact Plan
The Contact Plan screen is used to enter all contact plan and event information.

Contact Plan Access Rights
Provides an area where you can control security.

Schedule If User Level
Schedule events in contact plans to trigger off the User Level of the Debtor's Operator.

How To Design New Contact Plans
Step by Step designing of basic contact plan/action plan automated scenarios that you can use every day.

How To Import A Contact Plan
Get a new contact plan into your database from an external source.

How To Export A Contact Plan
Extract a contact plan from you database to an external file.

How To Copy Contact Plans To Master Database
Take a pre-designed contact plan from your Demonstration database and copy it to your working database.

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