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Report As Credit Grantor

When you set this switch, the Delinquency Date is used to report the Date of Occurrence for all status codes except 4, 10, 13 and 61 to 68. In those cases, the date the contact was scheduled is sent as the date of occurrence. When you leave this switch off, the Date of Occurrence is always taken from the Delinquency date, regardless of status code.

Leave this switch off if you are operating a collection agency.

tip.gif If you are not sure if you are a credit grantor, discuss this with your CBR representative.

Delinquency Date For Credit Grantor

When you have switched ON 'Report as credit grantor' in the Company Details form, an unmet promise will show up as delinquent in the debtor's Delnqnt field.

tip.gif You must also switch ON 'Calculate delinquency date' in the debtor's Financial Detail form. The 'Calculate delinquency date' check box is visible only when you are in Credit Grantor mode.

If you are a Credit Grantor, a number of things affect the Delinquency Date based on your settings.

The Delinquency Date is normally set to 31 days after the promise date. Thus, if you set a promise contact on the account and no payment is received, when 31 days have lapsed, the Delinquency Date will be set to the promise date plus 31 days.

tip.gif Promise contacts contain a dollar Amount, and the promise is only satisfied when the full Amount has been paid. Set the term Payment Amount in the Interest Detail form and Collect! can manage payments, underpayments and overpayments. Please refer to How To Manage Promised Payments for details.

In the Credit Bureau Setup form, you can switch ON 'No posted date mods delinquency'. When this is switched ON, Collect! uses the Payment Date of the promise transaction as the ' Delinquency Date ' for the account, rather than allowing the default 31 day delay in determining delinquency.

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