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Operator Sample - Desk Or Task Operator

You can also create operators that you can consider as Desks or Task operators. Similar to the Sales Team or Account Toss operator samples, these are both operators who would never actually sign into Collect! They are used for special functions while working with Collect!.

For example, Create an Operator ID for SKP. This could be a SKIP desk. When a normal operator has some spare time, they could load the WIP List for the SKP operator and begin a search process for the SKIP accounts that had a contact assigned to them previously.

A Letter batch operator to help with printing only certain letters when doing your daily batch printing is another great example. Create an LT1 operator. When scheduling a Letter 1 contact, make sure the operator is set to LT1. When you begin your scheduled batch printing, you may specify Operator LT1 and only those letters will be printed.

Similarly, a check batch operator may be created to help with printing only checks for debtor payments. Create an operator ID CHK. Schedule the Check report to be printed and make sure the operator on the contact is set to CHK. Load the check forms into your printer and begin your batch printing. Specify Operator CHK and only the checks will be printed in the batch.

When creating operators that are only going to be used by management, you could set all the necessary settings on the Operator form to be the same as the OWN operator record. User levels should be set quite high so that you do not get any unexpected security or access problems when doing management tasks.

The Operator form is very flexible and efficient for handling many different processes on your accounts.

These are a few other examples that Collect! users have developed for specific needs.

Attorney Operators - IDs (ATT, AT1, ATY)

Legal Server Operators - IDs (SVR, LSV, SER)

Export Operator - IDs (EXP, OUT, UPL)

Import Operator - IDs (IMP, ADD, DWN)

Just keep in mind that any user who needs to work accounts in Collect! must have an operator ID so that you can keep track of who is doing what. Other Operators may be created to be used for placing accounts or working accounts in a very specific way.

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