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Management Topics

This page contains links to help topics for several account management areas.


Introduction to Management Topics
This introductory topics gives you important tips for managing your Collect! system most efficiently.

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Batch Processing

Selecting and Tagging Records
This topic shows you how to select and tag records so that you can process many accounts at once.

Batch Processing
This topic introduces you to the batch processing functions that you can perform in Collect!.

How To Use Batch Processing
Explains details for using various batch processing procedures.

Batch Processing Topics
Links to additional topics for processing batches of accounts.

How To Print Daily Reports Or Letters
Details about printing your daily letter batches

How To Use Letter Service
This optional extension module enables you to outsource your daily letter batches.

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Contact Management

How To Manage Contacts
Introduces you to Collect!'s contact management system, the central area for all your operators' work loads.

How To Use Contact Plans
Explains how to automate your contact management by scheduling events through contact plans.

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Account Management

How To Setup the WIP List
Helps you set up the details for your operators' WIP Lists so that they can work in the best way for your business model.

Load Spreading
Shows you how to work with WIP Lists so that they are more manageable.

Account Toss
Shows you one way for distributing accounts among your operators.

Introduction to Grouping Accounts
Explains several ways that you can group accounts together in Collect!.

How To Group Debtors
Explains how to manually select accounts and group them together.

How To Ungroup Debtors
Explains the correct procedure for removing accounts from a group.

How To Reassign Debtors To A Client Using Macros
Explains how to use a macro for reassigning debtors to a different client using Client Number. This procedure gives each debtor the new client's number.

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Credit Bureau Reporting

Credit Bureau Reporting
Introduces you to this optional extension module for reporting your accounts to bureaus.

How To Report Credit
Explains the details of reporting accounts to bureaus in Collect!.

How To Setup Credit Bureau Reporting
Gives details for areas you need to set up to report accounts correctly.

How To Run A Credit Bureau Report
Walks you through producing the file to send to bureaus each month.

Credit Bureau Reporting Topics
Additional topics for credit reporting procedures and troubleshooting.

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