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Introduction To Management Topics

Management topics comprise an array of processes and methods to help your company organize your accounts and work them by automating Collect!. Process many accounts without individuals having to physically touch the account. That's management automation.

Management is anything that can be done to many accounts at the same time.

Anything that can be done while on a debtor can be done by an operator. Working one account this way, you can be fairly sure what was done just by looking at the account.

When you try to process many accounts at once, you cannot watch each individual account as the process happens. Therefore you cannot guarantee results. This is where management comes in. Someone has to take responsibility for the information and what happens to it.

If you are about to process more than one account, you must always ask yourself, "Has this process been performed successfully before?" If the answer is "No," then you should test. You are responsible for your data. It is the life of your company. You cannot afford to make costly mistakes to your data that may take hours or days to restore. Learn how to make a snapshot of your database and practice on the copy. The key is practice and confidence. If you know exactly what is going to happen, you can confidently process your accounts. If you test any new process, then you will always have this confidence, being sure the process will work as you expect. If your test fails, then you can correct it before you try the process on your live data.

Any management process takes PLANNING, TESTING to work, and TESTING TO BREAK. Only then can you be sure of the last step, IMPLEMENTING the idea. This is true even when you use one of Collect!'s built-in functions. As management, you should be absolutely confident of the results you can expect.

Working many accounts is one responsibility of management. Another is managing the Collect! database. This includes setting up reports and letters for operators to use, deciding the forms in Collect! that your operators can access, setting up what they can see and what is restricted. Basically, it is up to management to mold Collect! into a contact management system that enables your operators to work smart. Try our Byline, "Never bother an operator unless you have to." That is smart and efficient.

Many functions are built into Collect! to help you manage your database. These functions may not always satisfy your needs the way they are set up by default when you install Collect!. But almost anything can be modified to suit your company's requirements. You define the data and then use Collect! to manage the results. Many users modify their systems to work differently from the samples provided. The power of Collect! is its very flexible methods for accomplishing your goals.

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