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How To Use Letter Templates

As you design your own letters, you may find that you are creating your own templates that you can reuse again, with slight modifications, for other needs. For example, you may only need to change the Text part of your Report Body and your letter will serve another purpose. The easiest thing to do is to copy an existing letter and edit the copy.

Copy A Letter Template

1. Select the Print menu and choose Customize Printing, Edit Report Templates. The Report Definition list is displayed.

2. Use the arrows keys to scroll down the list and highlight the letter you want to copy.

3. Pull down the Edit menu and choose Copy. A confirmation message is displayed. Click OK.

4. Pull down the Edit menu and choose Paste.

Now, with a copy of the letter, customizing is simple.

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Customize A Letter Template

1. If you are viewing the Report Definition list, select the letter you just copied above.


Select the Print menu and choose Customize Printing, Edit Report Templates.

2. Highlight the letter you want to copy.

3. Press F5 to open the Report Definition form.

4. Change the report Name to something unique.

5. Press F5 to open the Report Definition form for your letter.

6. Click in the Report Body section to open the report body for the letter.

7. Make your changes to the letter.

8. Press F8 to exit and save the report body, then F8 twice to exit from the report definitions.

8. Now complete the steps below for printing a letter.

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Print A Letter

tip.gif These steps assume that your letter "START ON" is Debtor.

1. Pull down the Browse menu and Choose All Debtors.

2. Press Enter to open the first Debtor in the list. The Debtor form is displayed.

3. Pull down the Print menu and choose Reports and Letters. A list of reports and letters is displayed.

4. Use the down arrow key to scroll down.

5. Highlight your letter and press Enter. The Print Report form is displayed. You can choose which printer to use and a few other details.

6. Click the Print button or press Enter to start printing. You should hear your printer start printing.

tip.gif you must ensure any letters you send conform to your applicable state and national laws. The letters provided with Collect! have NOT been approved! and are samples only.

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