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How To Reindex Individual Fields

This topic will help you reindex individual fields manually as needed rather that your whole database. You may use this procedure if you know that a particular field type has an error in its index and you want to reindex only this area of your database.

CV11 Admin Tool

The easiest way to reindex fields is through the CV11 Admin Tool. You can select one or several fields to reindex.

You can select a database and then select Rebuild Key Files from the CHOOSE ACTIONS pick list. When you select the RUN button this open a Rebuild Key Files window where you can select the key you wish to rebuild or switch ON "Rebuild All Keys" to rebuild the all database keys for the database which is currently displayed in the field labeled "Database."

Rebuild Key Files

tip.gif Each Collect! database has 5 databases linked together within it, so a full key build for the Collect! database in the MASTERDB folder would involve rebuilding keys for each of the d00_collect,d00_impex, d00_nxuser, d00_rates and d00_report databases.

Please refer to Help topic, CV11 Admin Tool for details about accessing this utility.

Multiple Key Files

If you want to reindex the keys for several fields at once, using a script, it is best to use the TIMEDREINDEX.bat. This batch file is shipped with Collect! for timing keybuilds. It may be edited for running a keybuild on only the files you select. This file may be found in the CV11\bin folder. Please see the section Timed Maintenance Batch Files in How To Maintain Your Database for more information.

Individual Fields

The TIMEDREINDEX.bat, mentioned above, may be edited for reindexing a particular key file. Or, you may use the command line keybuild utility in the CV11\bin folder, following the steps below.

Please make sure the RDM Server is up and running before performing these steps.

1. Run the keybuild utility with correct arguments for the key that you want to reindex.


C:\CV11\bin>keybuild -k cl_name_key d00_collect

2. When prompted, enter your Server name, userid and your password to log onto the server.


RDM Server name: RDS
Enter your userid: admin
Enter your password: secret

Results in the DOS window:

4. Press Enter to begin reindexing. This example will rebuild the keys for cl_name in the client record.

Results in the DOS window:

Manually reindexing specific fields in CV11 reindexes all key fields whose index data resides in the same index file. Please use the following tables to see exactly what will be reindexed when you specify KEY NAME to build the index on.

Key Table Sorted By Database File Number

Key Table Sorted By Record Type

All Data And Key Files In Collect!

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