Key Table Sorted By Record Type
Record  Key Field  File  Key Name
Address Lookup  UID  d00_collect.124   add_uid_key
Attachment  UID  d00_collect.043  at_uid_key
Attachment  Index 1  d00_collect.095  at_detail_1_key
Attachment  Index 2  d00_collect.096  at_detail_2_key
Attachment  Date 2  d00_collect.097  at_date_2_key
Attachment  Date 1  d00_collect.097  at_date_1_key
Attachment Contact  UID  d00_collect.044  atco_uid_key
Attachment Contact  Done Date  d00_collect.065  atco_done_date_key
Attachment Contact  Due Date  d00_collect.073  atco_date_key
Attachment Contact  Originator, Created Date  d00_collect.078  atcon_whocreated
Attachment Contact  Type, Completed, Collector, Due Date  d00_collect.088  atcon_dawhodonetype
Attachment Contact  Collector, Done Date  d00_collect.089  atcon_whodone
Attachment Contact  Completed, Collector, Due Date  d00_collect.090   atcon_doneopdate
Attachment Contact  Collector, Type, Due Date  d00_collect.091   atcon_whotydate
Attachment Contact  Completed, Type, Due Date  d00_collect.092  atcon_opdatime
Attachment Contact  C1  d00_collect.140  atco_category_key
Attachment Contact  C2  d00_collect.141  atco_category_1_key
Bank  C1  d00_collect.123   bk_category_key
Bank  UID  d00_collect.127  bk_uid_key
Bank  Routing #  d00_collect.132  bk_routing_no_key
Bank Account  UID  d00_collect.130  bkacc_uid_key
Bank Account  C1  d00_collect.131  bkacc_category_key
Client  Name  d00_collect.038   cl_name_key
Client  UID  d00_collect.042  cl_uid_key
Client  #  d00_collect.063  cl_number_key
Client  User 1  d00_collect.104  cl_user_1_key
Client  Alt #  d00_collect.106  cl_alt_number_key
Client  OwnedBy #  d00_collect.107  cl_ownedby_number_key
Client  C1  d00_collect.108  cl_category_key
Client  C2  d00_collect.109   cl_category_1_key
Client  C3  d00_collect.110   cl_category_2_key
Client Attachment  UID  d00_collect.158  cl_at_uid_key
Client Attachment  Index 1  d00_collect.159  cl_at_detail_1_key
Client Attachment  Index 2  d00_collect.160  cl_at_detail_2_key
Client Attachment  Date 1  d00_collect.161  cl_at_date_1_key
Client Attachment  Date 2  d00_collect.162  cl_at_date_2_key
Client Attachment Contact  UID  d00_collect.044  caco_uid_key
Client Attachment Contact  Done Date  d00_collect.065  caco_done_date_key
Client Attachment Contact  Due Date  d00_collect.073  caco_date_key
Client Attachment Contact  Originator, Created Date  d00_collect.078  cacon_whocreated
Client Attachment Contact  Type, Completed, Collector, Due Date  d00_collect.088  cacon_dawhodonetype
Client Attachment Contact  Collector, Done Date  d00_collect.089  cacon_whodone
Client Attachment Contact  Completed, Collector, Due Date  d00_collect.090   cacon_doneopdate
Client Attachment Contact  Collector, Type, Due Date  d00_collect.091   cacon_whotydate
Client Attachment Contact  Completed, Type, Due Date  d00_collect.092  cacon_opdatime
Client Attachment Contact  C1  d00_collect.140  caco_category_key
Client Attachment Contact  C2  d00_collect.141  caco_category_1_key
Client Contact  UID  d00_collect.044  clco_uid_key
Client Contact  Done Date  d00_collect.065  clco_done_date_key
Client Contact  Due Date  d00_collect.073  clco_date_key
Client Contact  Originator, Created Date  d00_collect.078  clcon_whocreated
Client Contact  Type, Completed, Collector, Due Date  d00_collect.088  clcon_dawhodonetype
Client Contact  Collector, Done Date  d00_collect.089  clcon_whodone
Client Contact  Completed, Collector, Due Date  d00_collect.090   clcon_doneopdate
Client Contact  Collector, Type, Due Date  d00_collect.091   clcon_whotydate
Client Contact  Completed, Type, Due Date  d00_collect.092  clcon_opdatime
Client Contact  C1  d00_collect.140  clco_category_key
Client Contact  C2  d00_collect.141  clco_category_1_key
Client Cosigner  UID  d00_collect.142  as_cos_uid_key
Client Cosigner  Name  d00_collect.143  as_cos_name_key
Client Cosigner  Contact  d00_collect.144  as_cosigner_key
Client Cosigner  Phone   d00_collect.145  as_cos_phone_key
Client Cosigner  POE#  d00_collect.146  as_cos_business_phone_key
Client Cosigner  Other Phone  d00_collect.147  as_cos_other_phone_key
Client Cosigner  Cell  d00_collect.148  as_cos_cell_phone_key
Client Cosigner  Email  d00_collect.149  as_cos_email_key
Client Cosigner  SSN  d00_collect.150  as_cos_sin_key
Client Cosigner  DL  d00_collect.151  as_cos_dl_key
Client Cosigner  DOB  d00_collect.152  as_cos_dob_key
Client Cosigner  City  d00_collect.153  as_cos_city_key
Client Cosigner  State  d00_collect.154  as_cos_state_key
Client Cosigner  ZIP  d00_collect.155  as_cos_zip_key
Client Cosigner  C1  d00_collect.156  as_cos_category_key
Client Cosigner  C2  d00_collect.157  as_cos_category_1_key
Client Cosigner Contact  UID  d00_collect.044  asco_uid_key
Client Cosigner Contact  Done Date  d00_collect.065  asco_done_date_key
Client Cosigner Contact  Due Date  d00_collect.073  asco_date_key
Client Cosigner Contact  Originator, Created Date  d00_collect.078  ascon_whocreated
Client Cosigner Contact  Type, Completed, Collector, Due Date  d00_collect.088  ascon_dawhodonetype
Client Cosigner Contact  Collector, Done Date  d00_collect.089  ascon_whodone
Client Cosigner Contact  Completed, Collector, Due Date  d00_collect.090   ascon_doneopdate
Client Cosigner Contact  Collector, Type, Due Date  d00_collect.091   ascon_whotydate
Client Cosigner Contact  Completed, Type, Due Date  d00_collect.092  ascon_opdatime
Client Cosigner Contact  C1  d00_collect.140  asco_category_key
Client Cosigner Contact  C2  d00_collect.141  asco_category_1_key
Client Transaction  UID  d00_collect.051  cltr_uid_key
Client Transaction  Posted Date  d00_collect.069   cltr_posted_date_key
Client Transaction  Payment Date  d00_collect.072   cltr_payment_date_key
Client Transaction  Receipt #  d00_collect.102  cltr_receipt_number_key
Client Transaction  Invoice #  d00_collect.103  cltr_invoice_number_key
Client Transaction  C1  d00_collect.115   cltr_category_key
Client Transaction  C2  d00_collect.116   cltr_category_1_key
Client Transaction  C3  d00_collect.117   cltr_category_2_key
Contact  UID  d00_collect.044  co_uid_key
Contact  Done Date  d00_collect.065  co_done_date_key
Contact  Due Date  d00_collect.073  co_date_key
Contact  Originator, Created Date  d00_collect.078  con_whocreated
Contact  Type, Completed, Collector, Due Date  d00_collect.088  con_dawhodonetype
Contact  Collector, Done Date  d00_collect.089  con_whodone
Contact  Completed, Collector, Due Date  d00_collect.090   con_doneopdate
Contact  Collector, Type, Due Date  d00_collect.091   con_whotydate
Contact  Completed, Type, Due Date  d00_collect.092  con_opdatime
Contact  C1  d00_collect.140  co_category_key
Contact  C2  d00_collect.141  co_category_1_key
Contact Event  UID  d00_collect.045   ce_uid_key
Contact Plan  Code  d00_collect.099  cp_code_key
Contact Plan  UID  d00_collect.129   cp_uid_key
Cosigner  Name  d00_collect.034   de_cos_name_key
Cosigner  Contact  d00_collect.035   de_cosigner_key
Cosigner  UID  d00_collect.040   de_cos_uid_key
Cosigner  Cell  d00_collect.054  de_cos_cell_phone_key
Cosigner  Other Phone  d00_collect.055   de_cos_other_phone_key
Cosigner  POE #  d00_collect.056   de_cos_business_phone_key
Cosigner  Home  d00_collect.057   de_cos_phone_key
Cosigner  DOB  d00_collect.067  de_cos_dob_key
Cosigner  SSN  d00_collect.075  de_cos_sin_key
Cosigner  DL  d00_collect.079   de_cos_dl_key
Cosigner  City  d00_collect.081   de_cos_city_key
Cosigner  State  d00_collect.083   de_cos_state_key
Cosigner  ZIP  d00_collect.085   de_cos_zip_key
Cosigner  Email  d00_collect.100  de_cos_email_key
Cosigner  C1  d00_collect.120   de_cos_category_key
Cosigner  C2  d00_collect.121   de_cos_category_1_key
Cosigner  C3  d00_collect.122   de_cos_category_2_key
Currency Lookup  UID  d00_collect.128  cu_uid_key
Currency Lookup  C1  d00_collect.133  cu_category_key
Currency Lookup  Date  d00_collect.139  cu_date_key
Dbtag  UID  d00_collect.041   dt_uid_key
Dbtag  Date  d00_collect.064   dt_date_key
Debtor  Mode, Name  d00_collect.033  de_active_key
Debtor  Contact  d00_collect.036   de_contact_key
Debtor  Name  d00_collect.037   de_name_key
Debtor  Summary Flags  d00_collect.039   de_summary_flags_key
Debtor  UID  d00_collect.052  de_uid_key
Debtor  Country  d00_collect.053  de_country_key
Debtor  Cell  d00_collect.058   de_cell_phone_key
Debtor  Other Phone  d00_collect.059  de_other_phone_key
Debtor  Home  d00_collect.060  de_home_phone_key
Debtor  POE #  d00_collect.061  de_work_phone_key
Debtor  File  d00_collect.062  de_number_key
Debtor  DOB  d00_collect.068  de_dob_key
Debtor  Listed  d00_collect.070   de_listed_date_key
Debtor  Closed  d00_collect.071  de_close_date_key
Debtor  Acct #  d00_collect.074   de_cl_account_key
Debtor  SSN  d00_collect.076   de_sin_key
Debtor  Collector  d00_collect.077  de_collector_key
Debtor  DL  d00_collect.080   de_dl_key
Debtor  City  d00_collect.082   de_city_key
Debtor  State  d00_collect.084   de_state_key
Debtor  ZIP  d00_collect.086   de_zip_key
Debtor  Group ID, Member, Flags  d00_collect.087   de_group_ids_key
Debtor  Email  d00_collect.101  de_email_key
Debtor  Status  d00_collect.105  de_status_key
Debtor  C1  d00_collect.111   de_category_key
Debtor  C2  d00_collect.112   de_category_1_key
Debtor  C3  d00_collect.113   de_category_2_key
Debtor  OwnedBy  d00_collect.114   de_owned_by_debtor_key
Debtor  Type  d00_collect.136  de_type_key
Debtor  Sales  d00_collect.137  de_salesman_key
Debtor  Clerk  d00_collect.138  de_clerk_key
Debtor Cosigner Contact  UID  d00_collect.044  dcco_uid_key
Debtor Cosigner Contact  Done Date  d00_collect.065  dcco_done_date_key
Debtor Cosigner Contact  Due Date  d00_collect.073  dcco_date_key
Debtor Cosigner Contact  Originator, Created Date  d00_collect.078  dccon_whocreated
Debtor Cosigner Contact  Type, Completed, Collector, Due Date  d00_collect.088  dccon_dawhodonetype
Debtor Cosigner Contact  Collector, Done Date  d00_collect.089  dccon_whodone
Debtor Cosigner Contact  Completed, Collector, Due Date  d00_collect.090   dccon_doneopdate
Debtor Cosigner Contact  Collector, Type, Due Date  d00_collect.091   dccon_whotydate
Debtor Cosigner Contact  Completed, Type, Due Date  d00_collect.092  dccon_opdatime
Debtor Cosigner Contact  C1  d00_collect.140  dcco_category_key
Debtor Cosigner Contact  C2  d00_collect.141  dcco_category_1_key
Debtor Status  UID  d00_collect.048   ds_uid_key
Debtor Status  Code  d00_collect.094  ds_code_key
Debtor Status  C1  d00_collect.135  ds_category_key
Email  UID  d00_collect.126  em_uid_key
Invoice  UID  d00_collect.047   in_uid_key
Invoice  Date  d00_collect.098  in_date_key
Invoice Line  UID  d00_collect.046   il_uid_key
Nxday  UID  d00_collect.050  da_uid_key
Nxday  Daysheet Date  d00_collect.066   da_date_key
Phone  UID  d00_collect.125   ph_uid_key
Phone  C1  d00_collect.134  ph_category_key
Transaction  UID  d00_collect.051  tr_uid_key
Transaction  Posted Date  d00_collect.069   tr_posted_date_key
Transaction  Payment Date  d00_collect.072   tr_payment_date_key
Transaction  Receipt #  d00_collect.102  tr_receipt_number_key
Transaction  Invoice #  d00_collect.103  tr_invoice_number_key
Transaction  C1  d00_collect.115   tr_category_key
Transaction  C2  d00_collect.116   tr_category_1_key
Transaction  C3  d00_collect.117   tr_category_2_key
Transaction Type  UID  d00_collect.049  tt_uid_key
Transaction Type  Code  d00_collect.093  tt_code_key
Transaction Type  C1  d00_collect.118   tt_category_key
Transaction Type  C2  d00_collect.119   tt_category_1_key

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