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Collect! Log File System

A comprehensive and thorough logging system exists in Collect! for tracking events and troubleshooting operational issues.

Application Log

This log contains information about all database processes, operator activity, Web Host, importing, batch processes, upgrading and more. You can select the area you wish to analyze.

To access the system log, select System from the top menu bar and then select Diagnostics.

Select Application Log to open the Collect! Log Viewer. The Application Log is the main event logging file. All events are logged to this file with details. The file is stored in the \bin\ log files folder and is named collect_log_{n}.txt where {n} is a number. collect_log_01.txt is the most recent log file.

You can set values such as the location of the log files, the number of log files to store and other settings in the Collect! Log Viewer form.

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Credit Bureau Log

The Credit Bureau Log is created when you run your Credit Bureau Report. It displays results with warnings and errors, if any. Whenever you run your Credit Bureau Report you should view this log to see any comments that Collect! has written. If there are errors, the Debtor File Number is given so that you can visit the account and correct the error before you report again.

tip.gif If you don't usually clear the contents of this log when asked to "Clear Log" after viewing it, you may need to scroll to the bottom of the log to see the most recent session entries.

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