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Submit To Ebureau

To initiate an eBureau submission process, click \Tools\Batch Processing\Submit to eBureau and follow the prompts.

You may individually Tag accounts to send or you may select to filter with Edit Search Criteria to tag your list of accounts.

When you click the Start button, the interface will attempt to connect to the eBureau server based on the login credentials you would have preset in \System\ Preferences\ eBureau Setup.

warning.gif WARNING: Please make sure you are ready to proceed before clicking the Start button. The process cannot be canceled once it has initiated.

If the upload is successful, your batch will be processed and results will be returned immediately and used to update the accounts you selected for this batch.

A Review contact will be created for each account, based on the preset process preferences you indicated on the Select Review Operator pop-up.

A pop-up window with the summary results of this batch will be displayed upon completion.

If the process is not successful when Collect! attempts to connect to the eBureau server, refer to eBureau Setup for details about the messages you may be presented with.

tip.gif To view results for each account, you can load the WIP List(s) of the operator(s) assigned to the Review contact.


Select this to begin processing your eBureau batch. According to the settings you have chosen, this will process all the accounts you selected for this batch. When the process has finished, Collect! will display a Summary window for you.

tip.gif Please make sure you are ready to proceed before clicking the Start button. The process cannot be canceled once it has started.

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Select this to return to the previous screen. You can then alter your settings or choose to close the batch processing procedure without running a batch.

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Select this to display Help on the Submit to eBureau batch process and related topics.

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