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Predictive Dialer - Technical Specifications

There are three ways of managing the Collect! predictive dialer link:

Noble Systems And DDE Exchanges

Collect! can respond to DDE Execute commands to perform dialer popups. This interface uses Dynamic Data Exchange, as described in the associated Help topic. Important settings are discussed in that topic.

Noble Systems is an example of Predictive Dialer Systems using DDE.

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Ct Center And The Keyboard Interface

This interface is used by CT Center (formerly, SmartDial) and other compatible systems. These systems inject keystrokes into Collect!. Collect!'s dialer link is waiting for a file number and then the Enter key, so these work very nicely, acting as if the User typed on the keyboard.

StartDial enters the number and also puts the Enter key at the end of the number entered. Collect! then searches the database for the File Number that was entered, as if the User had typed the number and hit the Enter key.

Use the Tools menu Predictive Dialer Link option to have Collect! wait for the dialer.

tip.gif You can create an Operator ID with Operator type 'Dialer Operator'. Then, upon signing on, Collect! will go directly to the Predictive Dialer Link screen, waiting for calls. This type of Operator cannot do anything but receive predictive dialer calls.

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Web Predictive Dialer

Use Collect! with a special Web Host command line argument to receive HTTP phone requests. This enables you to integrate with VoIP and IP-PBX dialing systems. Your Operators can work in Collect! normally or wait for calls. This feature requires that your Predictive Dialing provider can communicate with your browser and send a URL request to it. Please see Help topic, Web Predictive Dialer for more information.

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Web Host Auto Dial

You can enable a special Web Dialer to connect through the Web Host and wait for calls from your Predictive Dialer. Please refer to Help topic, Web Host Auto Dial for details.

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