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How To Use Predictive Dialer

The basic predictive dialer operation is a three-step process:

1. Send a list of phone numbers to the dialer to dial.

2. Wait for calls, and as calls are made Collect! pops up the file being called.

3. Import the completion status of calls made or attempted by the dialer.

Send Call List To Dialer

* First, you must send a list of phone numbers to the dialer to dial.

You do this by exporting a list of accounts that you want dialed out of the Collect! system. You can use the export module to create such a file; or, you can also use the report system to generate an appropriate list and then save that list to a file.

tip.gif Collect! searches on the File Number to pop up accounts.

The format of this list is completely up to your dialer manufacturer. Please contact your dialer manufacturer for more information.

We have included a sample report named Dialer Export To File.rpt, which exports a file listing all pending scheduled phone call contacts. This can be used with Predictive Dialer dialing software.

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Wait For Calls From The Dialer

* Wait for calls, and as calls are made, Collect! pops up the file being called.

Sign in to your database, select the Tools menu, and choose the Predictive Dialer Link option. This pops up the Predictive Dialer Link form, and Collect! is ready to receive calls from the dialer.

tip.gif Your dialer manufacturer must set up each workstation properly to allow Collect! to communicate with the dialer.

tip.gif You can create an Operator ID where the Operator type is 'Dialer Operator'. Then, upon signing on, Collect! will go directly to the Predictive Dialer Link screen, waiting for calls. This type of Operator cannot do anything but receive predictive dialer calls.

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Import Completion Status

Import the completion status of calls made or attempted by the dialer

At the end of the call campaign, you can load the call results in to the Collect! system by running an import program to import. Set this program to import any call result logs generated by the dialer during the campaign.

Check the Help topic, Import/Export, for more information about importing data into Collect!

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