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Mouse Or Keyboard

You can use either the mouse or the keyboard to navigate through the Collect! program.


Your keyboard has sets of keys which are used for different purposes.

Normal keys - These keys act just like a typewriter entering alphabetic and numeric characters and punctuation marks.

Extended keys - Extended keys include the ALT and CTRL keys, which provide another set of meanings to your keyboard. For example, the Alt+H key combination pulls down the Help menu.

tip.gif Using ALT + the underlined letter in a menu will drop down the menu. Using CTRL + the letter listed next to a menu choice will activate the choice. For instance, Ctrl+P will bring up the Print Report list.

Function keys - A set of keys labeled F1 to F10 or F12 is on your keyboard to provide rapid access to commonly used functions.

Direction keys - Direction keys include the arrows, Page Up and Page Down and Home and End. These keys can move your cursor.

For a complete list of the key combinations and their uses, please refer to Help topic, Keyboard Tips.

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Your mouse can select objects on the screen.

Use the left and right mouse buttons.

Left button selects.

Right button shows a list of menu options.

Left click outside a form or menu to close it.

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