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Install CV11 Patch

Easily update your CV11 application to the latest build. You can update your Server and your CV11 Client with CV11 patches. To download update patches, please login to the Collect! Technical Services and select the patch which is appropriate for your site and update intent. If you are not currently a Member and would like to inquire about upgrading options, contact us.

tip.gif Please only use these patches if you are running Collect! Version 11.4 Build 1.1 or newer. If you are running an older Collect! version, Download the latest Standard Collect! installation.

It is recommended that you have a recent backup of your Collect! system prior to any upgrade procedure.

tip.gif Applying an upgrade patch may fail if your Server's O/S is holding onto sessions and files. Please ensure that all sessions and files are closed.

To ensure that all sessions and files are closed:

Reboot your actual server before continuing with patch instructions.

Or, if you can:

2. Select Shared Folder and open it.

3. Select Open Files and review for any files open in Collect. CV11\Bin\*** etc.

4. Windows 2008 server is: Administrative Tools \ Share and Storage Management \ Actions \ Manage Open Files

Installing Your CV11 Patch

Please read the instructions below for installing your CV11 patch.

tip.gif To apply these patches, you must sign on as a user with Administrative Privileges on the Server where your Collect! is installed.

Before placing new files in your cv11\bin folder, the Collect! patch installers back up the core files in the cv11\bin folder into cv11\oldbin.

tip.gif When shutting down your RDS (The CV11 Server), occasionally it may take longer than Windows expects, as it is committing your most recent work to the database. If Windows prompts and says "Windows cannot end the program. It may need more time to complete an operation", It is important that you select " Cancel". This will allow the Server to close cleanly. Do not select "End Now" or you may lose data.

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On Your Server

1. Ensure you have an operator in your database at User Level 99 and you know their password (user 99 exists by default).

2. Ensure all users are logged out of Collect!.

3. Shut down your RDS (The CV11 Server Program in the black DOS window).

4. On your server, run the serverpatch###.exe (where ### represents the build number, such as "serverpatch11533.exe"). Follow the prompts to direct it to your CV11 installation (for example, C:\CV11).

5. Start your CV11 on your server and Select START to sign into your MASTERDB database in Exclusive mode as an operator who is set to user level 99. Collect! will rebuild your lists.

6. From the menus at the top, select Help -> About and confirm that you are now on the latest version that you just installed.

7. Log out of your exclusive session and let your users log back in.

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If You Have The CV11 Client Installed

Some sites have opted for a client installation on their workstations, rather than simply sharing the CV11 folder from their server. For these installations, you will also need to patch your CV11Client installs. On each of your workstations, please follow these steps before using them to connect to an updated server:

1. Log out of Collect!.

2. On each client workstation, run the clientpatch###.exe (where ### represents the build number, such as "clientpatch11533.exe"). Follow the prompts to direct it to for CV11Client installation (for example C:\CV11Client).

3. Sign into your updated Collect!. From the menus at the top, select Help - About and confirm that you are now on the latest version that you just installed.

tip.gif Please refer to Help topic, Automatic Client Update for information about upgrading client workstations automatically whenever you upgrade Collect! on your server.

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