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Operators And Security

The Operators and Security menu enables you to manage access and security rights for your operators. This menu is available through the System menu, Rights option.

This area contains all the settings for:

* Operators
* User Levels
* Access Rights
* Password Settings


Select this option to view the list of all operators set up in your system. You may edit the settings for an operator by selecting one from the list. To enter a new operator, press F3 or select the New button. Press F1 for help when the Operator form appears.

Settings for an operator that may be adjusted here include User Level, Password Settings, Messaging, Printing and Browser signon.

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User Levels

Select this option to view the list of user levels defined for your system.

User Levels set specific rights for accessing program menus, forms and fields. These levels are then used to assign form, field and menu access rights to operators.

For example, you may give one User Level Full Access to Add, Edit and Delete records. Another level may simply be allowed Read Only privileges, or may have some fields set as No Access. When a field is set as No Access for a User Level, it is not visible at all to that User Level.

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Access Rights

Select this option to open the list of Access Rights. This list contains all menu choices, forms and fields in the system. It also displays any aliases that you have chosen to use instead of the default names given to the menus, forms or fields. If a pick list or control file has been assigned to the item, that is displayed as well.

To display full information about a particular choice, select it. This will open the Access Rights form displaying all access rights settings for the item you selected.

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Password Settings

Select this option to open the Password Settings form where you can set global security options for users and passwords. These settings allow you more control over the security of your system.

Settings that can be adjusted include number of days a password is in effect, number of wrong entry attempts the system permits, the number and type of characters used for a password, and whether or not passwords are encrypted.

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Copy Operator Configuration

Select this option to open the Copy Operator Configuration form where you can select apply configuration settings to a User Level.

This is a convenient enhancement to setting configuration at the Operator level. It enables you to set configuration for all operators of the same User Level with one easy process.

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