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Enter your ID and Password and select OK to sign on. Each Operator using Collect! must have a **UNIQUE ID** and Password to control the functions they are allowed to perform. Passwords are case-sensitive. Press F1 for help.

Collect! Sign On Form

1. Type your ID, then press the Tab key to move to the Password.

2. Type your Password, then press Tab to move to the OK button.

3. Then press the ENTER key to choose OK to sign on.

Press the Escape (Esc) key to cancel an close the Signon form.

Collect! ships with a predefined set of User IDs and Passwords for the Demonstration Database. You will have to setup your own IDs for the Master Database.

For example, OWN for Owner, SYS for System Administrator, MGR for Office Manager, and SC for Senior Collector. For each of the IDs, the Password is the same as the ID. The Password for ID OWN is 'own', the Password for ID SYS is 'sys', and so on. The default OWN is used when the system is first installed.


Enter the Operator ID you want to sign on with.

Useful Note Each Operator MUST have a unique ID. This is especially important when multiple operators are signed on in a network environment!

You may use a maximum of 7 numbers and/or characters as an Operator ID. If you have not changed any Operator information, some examples that are currently used in Collect! are as follows.

ID -- Password -- Description
OWN -- own -- Owner

SYS -- sys -- System Administrator

CMG -- cmg -- Collection Manager

SC -- sc -- Senior Collector

JC -- jc -- Junior Collector

Useful Note For a complete list of Operator IDs and Passwords, sign on to the database using the standard ID OWN and Password OWN. Select System from the top menu bar and then select Rights from the drop-down choices. Select Operators from the side menu and the list of all Operators in your system will be displayed. Press F1 for help on the Operator form and more information about IDs and Passwords, User Levels and Access Rights.

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Enter your Password assigned to your ID.

You can enter a maximum of 21 numbers and/or characters. If you have not changed any Operator information, some examples that are currently used in Collect! are as follows.

Useful Note To bypass the signon form, you can enable Windows Authentication. When you enter a valid ID and password, Collect! will ask you if you want to sign in with Windows Authentication. If you select yes, Collect! will automatically sign in to the database from any workstation that you are logged in to. This can also be set by your Administrator on the Operator record.

Sign on with Windows Authentication

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Splash Screen

The Collect! splash screen displays the current date and time, the version you are running, the ODBC data source that you are connecting to, and the Windows ID of the user signing in.

Collect! Splash Screen

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The Signon form displays a server pick list. The default value is 'comtech-cv12' and this should not be changed unless you are an Administrator.

Useful Note This field is read only when there is only one Server entry in the ODBC DSN list.

This field allows you to select multiple databases if you have multiple SQL instances or SQL servers.

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Select this button or press the ENTER key while it is highlighted. Your ID and PASSWORD and will be compared to the list of valid Operators. If you have entered a valid ID and PASSWORD, Collect! will present the Welcome To Collect! screen. You can open the default database, select a different database to open, or perform other functions accessible from the Welcome To Collect! screen.

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Select this button for help on the Signon form and links to related topics.

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Use Default ID And Password

The Collect! Demo ships with a default_passwords.txt which contains the ID and Password OWN and own.



This displays as default ID and Password whenever you open the Collect! splash screen.

When you license Collect!, this TXT file is removed, so that you can immediately enter any ID and Password when you open Collect!. However, you may want to add it back into the Collect\bin folder with a Default ID and Password of your choice. This must be a valid Operator already set up in Collect!

If you would like to sign on automatically using a default ID and Password, you can add an argument to the shortcut properties. You can do this for the shortcut on each operator's computer. However, you must use valid Operator IDs already set up in Collect!.

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