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Copy Operator Configuration

The Copy Operator Configuration feature allows you to set Operator Level access rights permissions by adjusting the settings on one Operator, then copying the configuration to the whole group of users who share the same Operator Level. This ability reduces the time it takes to modify a large number of users' when your internal processes change and require that you need to increase OR reduce operator access within your system.

This feature requires that you have already set the configuration for one operator that is the same user level as the other operators that you want to be affected the by changes. After making all your setting modifications, you then select this operator in the Copy Operator Configuration screen, located on the menu path \System\Rights\Copy Operator Configuration. You will get the Copy Operator Configuration popup which asks you to complete 3 fields.

The files affected in your system are what is called the CFG, or configuration files that exist for each user entered into the system. When you click "Copy" to apply the settings, the system creates a CFG file for each operator with the same user level that was selected in the "Level" field. Additionally, if you have checked "Overwrite existing", the system will refresh any existing CFG files that it finds for operators with the same user level, updating the access rights you wished to add to, or remove from, that entire Level of users. If you do not check "Overwrite existing", any user IDs who have a configuration file already established will be left alone.

Copy Operator Configuration

Useful Note If you have not yet set the configuration for any operator, choose 1 representative Collector ID and set all the permissions and WIP Options that you wish to establish as your Level settings standard. After making any adjustments to the system defaults on screen and field access rights, input your WIP Option preferences and "Save as Default". The sum total of all these settings are now contained in this user's CFG file. Use this Collector ID as the template from which to copy to all users in the same level, selecting "Overwrite existing" when you initiate the process.

Accessing Copy Operator Configuration

The menu path is \System\Rights\Copy Operator Configuration.

Accessing Copy Operator Configuration

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Select an Operator ID from the pick list. This is intended to be the operator who you have already made changes to and saved a fresh configuration file for. It is this user ID that is going to be your configuration template for changes that will be applied to all the other users in the same Operator Level.

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This field displays the User Level of the Operator selected in the ID field. All Operators with this User Level will have the same configuration set when you click "Copy".

This field is read only and populated when you enter the user ID.

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Overwrite Existing

Check the box to switch this ON if you want the CFG files of any existing users to be updated with the current permissions being written to the level.

Leave this switch unchecked in the OFF position to create a CFG file with the settings you just created for users within the selected level that do not currently have a CFG file.

CFG files are stored on your server in your Collect! folder, within a sub-folder called "config".

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Click HELP to view more information about Copy Operator Configuration and related topics.

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Click CANCEL to close this screen without proceeding with any changes.

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Click COPY to proceed with copying the selected operator's settings to all other users in the same level. Only if you check "Overwrite existing" will users who have established CFG files on the system be affected by these changes.

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When the update is done, you will receive a popup window acknowledging that your process has completed successfully.

Copy Operator Configuration Successful

This means that you have now created a configuration (CFG) file in the Collect\config folder for each Operator ID with the User Level that was displayed in the Copy Operator Configuration screen.

If for any reason the system cannot complete this operation successfully, you will receive a popup message indicating failure.

Copy Operator Configuration Failed

To get details regarding what caused the failure, the menu path is \System\ Diagnostics\ Application Log. Issues relating to the process failure will be logged under the "Type" called DEBUG. To see only these entries, click the "None" button to clear the other viewing checked boxes and check "Debug". The Log Viewer will clear and display only these entries. You can control the Log Viewer by checking and unchecking the "Type" selections in the lower part of the screen. Which Types are checked are what will be included in the logged entries display being viewed.

In the following example, the screen shot of the Log is indicating that the selected user ID to copy from, SAL, does not have a CFG file established to complete the copy CFG file request. The remedy would be to redo the process, this time selecting the intended user ID to copy from in the level.

Application Log Entry for Copy Operator Configuration

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