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How To Setup A Client Operator

This sample shows a Client Operator setup. A Client Operator is a client of yours whom you allow to sign into Collect!, either directly, or through the web host. This operator setup takes the operator to the Client # assigned to them. Once there, they have very limited access to Collect! according to the User Level they are given. The effect of the settings shown on the Operator form in this sample are explained in further detail below.

Client Operator

The Operator Name is the user's Alias, the name that may be printed on letters and reports. The Operator Actual Name is not printed on any sample letters or reports.

This user's Client # is the Client Number of the Client record you wish to allow the operator to access. They will not be able to look at any other Client record or other debtors belonging to any other clients.

The Operator Type has been set to CLIENT and the Client # field is now visible under the field labeled 'Actual'. You must enter a valid Client # in the Client # field when you are creating a Client Operator.

Client Form for the Client Operator

Useful Note If you leave the Client # blank, Collect! will not allow the Client operator to sign into Collect!.

Client Operator Details

In the Operator Detail tab:

The Messaging is set to NORMAL. This means Collect! will prompt twice for most important functions, such as deleting forms. However, User Level 98 should not be able to delete records, by default.

Printing is set to DEVICE CONTEXT. In other words, Collect! will use printer driver information when sending report jobs to the printer.

The Automatic Recalc switch tells Collect! to automatically recalc any Active debtor when the account is opened.

The Notes color field is selected to PURPLE. Any notes lines visible when looking at a debtor will be displayed in this purple color for note lines with this operator's ID stamp (CL1). The Notes color is visible before opening the Debtor Notes.

Debtor Form with Notes Color for the Client Operator

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Client Operator Security

In the Operator Security tab:

Client Operator Security Settings

The User Level 98 is a Guest user level sample. This user is extremely limited while using Collect!. For example, notice that for this user level, fields on the Client and Debtor forms displayed above, are grayed out. The user may view the contents but cannot change anything. However, the user may enter note lines for the debtor.

Useful Note You can also enable your Client Operator to search for records in the database. They will only see their own records.

The SECURITY switch is switched ON with a check mark for this operator. For more information on working with security, please refer to How to Restrict Access to Accounts.

The Allow Browser Signon check mark enables this user to access Collect! through the Internet, or through a browser.

Useful Note There are many other settings in Operator Security that relate to passwords, to account access control and to special Web Host settings. Press F1 for details about these fields.

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