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How To Setup A Security Group Operator

This sample shows a Security Team operator setup. A security team operator would never need to sign into Collect!. This operator setup is used by Collect! to help with associating multiple operators to the same debtors.

The effect of the settings shown on the Operator form in this sample are explained in further detail below.

Security Group Operator

The Operator ID will be used to assign accounts to the operators listed in the Operator Team tab.

The user's Operator Name will help you identify this team.

The Operator Type has been set to SALES TEAM which allows you to access the Operator Team tab and member setup fields.

The SECURITY and STRICT check boxes have to be enabled.

All other switches and fields are not necessary for this operator setup.

The "Sales Team" is meant to hold the Operator IDs that comprise this security group. This ID is not one that is meant to be used as a login ID for a live person.

All other switches and fields are hidden as they are not necessary for this operator setup.

Security Team

The IDs listed in the OPERATOR column are the operators who will be included in your distribution Account Toss team.

In this example, Group "SEC1" is comprised of collector IDs ACM, CMG, MGR, and OWN, as in the screen shot below.

Security Team Operators

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